Communist Revolutionaries Burn US Flags Outside Aldean Concert


A small group of about 20 communist revolutionaries, members of The Communist Revolutionary Party (RevCom), showed up outside a Jason Aldean concert in Chicago on Saturday. They burned multiple American flags in protest. The group wants a Marxist revolution in America.

Screenshot via news2share

The protestors specifically targeted Aldean’s hit song ‘Try That In A Small Town’ as shouts of “We did it in a small town!” can be heard in the video as multiple American flags were tossed on the ground and lit on fire. Chants of “1, 2, 3, 4, slavery, genocide, and war! 5, 6, 7, 8, America was never great” can also be heard.

Police declared the protest an “unlawful assembly” that “alarmed and disturbed others.”

Don’t be fooled by their numbers; we have many more of them, and many are in government.

Leo Pargo, one of the leaders of the communist group, spoke with the Chicago Tribune, claiming that “the people in the United States have been lied to about communism.” Pargo claimed the burning of the American flags was “defended speech.”

Aldean’s hit song was released in May, with the music video particularly triggering some as it features some clips of large protests. The Leftists claimed it is a lynching song, which it isn’t.

They want to silence opponents.

The song quickly moved up the charts into the top spot on iTunes.




  1. It’s difficult to figure out what modern communists actually want. They don’t grow food or maintain infrastructure. They are no longer the means of production. I suspect it’s the same as little birds squawking to leave the nest and make their own way in the world. They are rebelling against the past in order to figure out their future. Good luck with that. Reality bites when hunger kicks in. You can’t live on posters, printed t-shirts and theories.


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