Congress Mandates Breathalyzers for All Drivers – Possible Video Monitoring


A law has been passed that will affect every person in the United States. It’s part of the infrastructure bill. The government often overreaches and is doing so in the case of drunk drivers -robbing people of their freedoms.

The 2021 Infrastructure and Jobs Act now requires all cars built after 2026 to implement systems to passively monitor the driver’s performance to detect drunk driving.

H.R. 3684 Section 24220 now requires all new cars built after 2026 to implement systems to passively monitor the driver’s performance to detect drunk driving.

It will constantly monitor breath inside the car. It might also include video to watch you all the time. The unconstitutional law allows it. There is a partial transcript below, or watch the clip or both.

Partial Transcript

It Can Take Control of Your Car

…”Now specifically, HR 33684, section 24/2220 tells us here that what they plan to do is that – I mean the Congress has already passed this – they’ve already put it into place; the infrastructure law will now require connected vehicles to collect and process data to detect impaired driving. It can monitor the driver’s behavior, and it can also affect steering. It can literally take over the control of the vehicle if the algorithm determines they think that you’re doing something improper.

This Has Already Begun

“So HR 33684, known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, includes these provisions related to drunk driving prevention, and these provisions that I’m going to talk to you about here today are going to be required new safety features in all cars, all vehicles, all trucks. And car manufacturers are taking steps here; I mean, they have no choice; they’re taking steps to be in compliance with the new federal law. And there are some companies such as Volvo and Ford who are already using some of these technologies and plan on having them in their car next year, 2024.

“Many of these technologies are going to be in there already, so now the problem is, does this sounds wonderful? Right, it’s a good thing to keep people from drinking and driving. The problem is you have to understand the implementation and you have to kind of peek behind the curtain to see the effects of what takes place.

It’s a Violation of the 4th Amendment

“OK, let’s take a look at this for a minute. So here’s what it says for connected vehicles to monitor drivers. There will be some form of technology that will require the collection of data while a driver is in the car’s interior. Here’s the issue, this now collides with what the law says under New York versus class 475 US 106 Supreme Court decision decided back in 1986. The court has said that the interior of a car is considered a place with a reasonable expectation of privacy under the 4th amendment to the United States Constitution.

“So the problem is we also know people, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t exactly feel very comfortable knowing that some algorithm or some monitoring device can take over my car whenever it wants to, and I don’t have any control over it.

They Will Collect All Data

“So the problem is when we look at this type of structure, one of the things you have to figure out is, we understand that according to this new bill, that the interior of the car is going to be monitored.  There’s going to be a data collection of everything that the driver is doing as they drive the vehicle, and so one of the things that we see, for example, a video recording of the interior, is going to be allowed to record certain things – racial or ethnic information – it will record the likeness of the driver and the passengers. It will, if the vehicle could monitor the speed limit of the road, it can provide precise geolocation.

“It’s also likely going to be able to monitor your speed. So it’s going to be able to tell if you were speeding at any certain period of time. This is all the stuff that’s…in the infrastructure bill that’s required now of car companies.

“Manufacturers are justifying this. They’re saying. OK, look we first of all, didn’t pass the law. They just have to be in compliance with the law but they’re not against it either. Many of the car companies are great but with this, because they said it will help to be able to enforce traffic laws.

It Eliminates Expectation of Privacy

“But one could argue that the collecting of this sensitive information could number one, it’s unnecessary. Are we having to collect all this information if we’re just trying to prevent drunk driving? But it invades your reasonable expectation of privacy by how you operate your car privately.

“So the collected data. Here’s where it gets really kind of like, you know, crazy minority report movie type stuff. Here’s where it gets a little crazy. The collected data could be misinterpreted by the algorithm. Suppose the vehicle monitors the driver’s behavior to identify drunk driving and stops the vehicle vehicle after what it believes to recognize as drunk driving behavior but then it determines later it wasn’t drunk driving behavior it was somebody with diabetes that had low blood sugar, and it made them appear to be drunk. [Or someone is] tired or sleepy or maybe it’s a sudden medical condition. I mean maybe the worst thing that could happen is to stop the vehicle and drop it in the middle of the road or yeah there’s lots of other questions we’re going to ask about this too.

Video Monitoring Too

“So one answer to this is I’m going to tell you. Here’s the answer to one of the proposed things that was debated in Congress — the infrastructure law would allow cars to be equipped with a breathalyzer and a video monitoring device to assure that the data collection is actually drunk driving. So now they can collect the data and watch you all the time, actually watch you on a video as part of it being built into the vehicle.

“This would reduce the chance of a driver’s behavior being caused by something other than alcohol. So it maybe would help not unnecessarily stop a vehicle but then it becomes even more complicated because now you’re talking about a passive breathalyzer. What if it picks up the alcohol content of a passenger in the car and it doesn’t pick it up of the driver.

“Now I know a lot of this new technology, they’re trying to create safe harbors. They’re trying to create ways to eliminate these but anytime you start introducing wholesale technology like this, making it mandatory on everybody you’re going to end up having a violation of people’s rights.”


This law must be addressed. It violates the Constitution. They can not only constantly monitor your breath and shut you car down in the middle of a road, they can, if they choose film you continuously. They will know where you are every moment and all the data will be collected and kept.

Imagine what an enormously big and expensive government agency they will need to keep track of all this. Imagine how they can abuse it.



  1. All of these laws are contrary to the constitution. Nothing gives Congress the authority to mandate things to “keep us safe” – from ourselves! The nation is heading for destruction.

  2. My newest vehicle was built in 2010, the mandated data recorders were installed and my other vehicles are older than that. Every one of them will last until I’m south of dirt.

  3. Considering most of congress takes a limo with private drivers lets get rid of the this perk and find out which ones are alcoholics. I have always thought that all of congress should be drug tested regularly and made to take a Breathalyzer before voting on any legislation.

  4. There is one company that makes this stuff, and they spend over a million lobbying Congress to get this inserted into the bill

  5. Volvo is jumping right in. No surprise a Chi-Com owned/controlled company would love to implement social monitoring and control mechanisms here as they do in China.

  6. Wont be long America will resemble Cuba… people keeping and maintaining Old cars, their last bit or remaining freedoms left.

    • I beg to differ. Too many folks I talk to have had enough. It’s looking a lot like early April 1775. Our politicians are acting like the British and we all know what happened to them.

  7. That is so against the Fourth Amendment as to demand a civil war to take out the psychopaths, who want to turn us all into serfs or even worse “Subjects”. You must understand that at the very least there will be dead law enforcement all over the place if they try to support the tyranny of our out of control government against the people. Biden needs to be given the Benito Mussolini treatment, but first we must ask all retired military to help us stand our ground against these sick people.

    What you people out there in La La Land do not understand is that humanity is being Terraformed for purposes that do not serve us. Weak or criminal minds are easily manipulated and are being done so to humanity to make us more pliable as a race for the intervention which we are seeing more daily when it comes to the UFO phenomenon.

    Yes my friends they ARE REAL and it IS time to wake up because apparently our Congress and most of our government have become innefactual in dealing with out-world entities. This is no longer just a conspiracy theory, it is the most diabolical intervention modern humans have ever had to contend with !!!

  8. The entire intent and purpose of this (along with the EV push) is to destroy the remaining manufacturing base in America.

    There won’t be any cars sold after 2026…
    And that is exactly the idea.

    Suggest you all wake up to dual citizenship within the US Govt. It should be a crime.

    • Notice how the downvoter hides in the shadows like some deranged rat, not daring to point out what I said that is wrong.

  9. The people who voted for this need a tar and feather session. They know this is unconstitutional but did it anyway. You should always vote against the incumbent every primary. Its the best way to make them realize who they work for

  10. Not everyone drinks, so how can it be mandatory? It seems like a government taking without compensation, which is unconstitutional, because the owner is being charged. So every American can charge the government for reimbursement, rent, and time spent spying on you, right? If the technology malfunctions and stops your vehicle, then some one robs, rapes or kills you, the government is liable for gross negligence and can they be charged as an accomplish? I thought the government needed a FISA or criminal warrant to spy on you? Obviously, there could be no talking in the car, because big brother would be listening, thus the silence could make the drive monotonous and the driver sleepy. You can bet the politicians exempted themselves from this nanny bill.

    • The law was passed under Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats held the Senate and the house. The bill was thousands of pages,and hidden very well.

  11. I think splitting the country is the best alternative. I don’t want to live in a globalist hellhole with all my personal freedoms gone and taking the scraps that Noel harari thinks I should have.

      • And that is why we should be allowed to own machine guns, because they have them and they will use them to kidnap us until each incidence becomes a firefight. Even the corrupt police will say hell no to this after a few of those.

  12. Eventually you will not be allowed to drive as new cars will be self driving. There are too many drunks, doped up drivers and weed smokers on the road now. You think by now, people would learn not to drive like that but nope. I wonder what people think who have lost loved ones to this type of driving. Remember, we’re going into third world status right now.


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