Corrupt Commie Jack Smith Wants a Secret Trial with Secret Evidence


I’m DOJ special counsel Jack Smith asked a judge for a protective order in the Trump election case after he put up a social media post. Donald Trump Truthed on Truth Social, “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!” Smith is now trying to use it to prevent discovery.

Since Smith is going after Donald Trump legally, a sane person would understand that Mr. Trump meant he would go after people legally.

Smith’s using the post as an excuse to restrict Donald Trump’s access to discovery. Since the judge is a biased jerk, it will likely happen.

In the filing, Smith wrote:

“Such a restriction is particularly important in this case because the defendant has previously issued public statements on social media regarding witnesses, judges, attorneys, and others associated with legal matters pending against him,” Smith argued before referencing Trump’s Truth Social post. “And in recent days, regarding this case, the defendant has issued multiple posts either specifically or by implication, including the following, which the defendant posted just hours ago.”

“If the defendant were to begin issuing public posts using details or, for example, grand jury transcripts obtained in discovery here, it could have a harmful chilling effect on witnesses or adversely affect the fair administration of justice in this case,” Smith argued.

A Trump spokesperson said that the tweet is protected political speech, which it is. However, corrupt commie Smith’s whole case takes direct aim at free speech and political speech. That is what he wants to destroy.



  1. Absolutely no way! A freely publicized open trial where President Trump’s lawyer have as much subpeona power as the persecution will expose the hoax that J6 and the 2020 election was and prove Bidet to be a fraud and criminal!

  2. Corrupt commie Smith’s whole case takes direct aim at free speech and political speech. That is what he wants to destroy.

    Thanks! Keep the evidence of corruption coming.

  3. Look into his cold empty dead eyes and you see a demon possessed fool and if you look into Goe Brandon’s, they match Smith’s.

      • If it comes down to a tree of liberty watering scenario we will have to exterminate every single leftist in this country or else we will being doing it all over again in 50-100 years. Leftists are like cockroaches you have to take them ALL out.

  4. Jack Smith is a POS. He has been involved in other prosecutions an was reprimanded before. They should have disbarred this crook long ago!


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