Country Singer Canceled Because She Sang the National Anthem at a Trump Event


The cancel culture is alive and well.

Carly Tefft is a very talented 2015 graduate of Berklee College of Music. She moved to Nashville in pursuit of her music career.  She’s been called a “phenomenon” by the Boston Globe and was also praised by Matty in the Morning on Kiss 108, The Howie Carr Show reported.

Carly Tefft

Tefft’s performances at Harvest Gallery in Dennis, Massachusetts, were abruptly canceled after she sang the national anthem at an event hosted by former President Trump, causing her presence to be deemed “threatening.” She was compared to lewd art.

She sang the National Anthem dozens of times, and no one ever found her threatening. she knew there was a risk involved in doing it.

She has a great attitude in the face of horrendous unfairness.

“Still, this was an opportunity to bring people together with the National Anthem by a former president,” she said. “For me, that’s full of positives.”

She was canceled at the Gallery over the Trump appearance, but she never endorsed him. She just sang the Anthem. Ms. Tefft had appeared at the Gallery a number of times over the past seven years.

The owner of the Gallery canceled all her appearances for the rest of the year because it was best for his customer base. She’s now stigmatized and probably won’t play in the Massachusetts Harvest Gallery again. There’s more to the story on this link.

The real story is the Left is now openly cruel and vicious. They’re doing it for an agenda. These are people who want to rule over your lives, and they are the worst people in the world.



  1. Wondering why Harvest Gallery is in the US in the first place. They might try moving to the middle east where their heads would be poked on sticks for disrespecting their country. DO NOT spend money at Harvest Gallery.

  2. I don’t know what event will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Had you asked me ten years a go would the people stand for a stolen election, lock downs, obviously unhealthy forced vaccines or two-tiered political justice, I would have said the people would revolt with a vengeance and yet, here we are looking at one another perplexed on what to do.
    We’ve been psyched into thinking that if we revolt against an unconstitutional corrupt government that somehow we are in the wrong.
    History makes human nature predictable. Things are out of control and the corrupt are embolden every time they get away with breaking the law while accusing the innocent of what they’re guilty of committing. Something will happen and the shoe will drop. It will start as a trickle here and there and then the bottom is going to fall out. There will be no mercy. Fear will be raised that we will take it too far but justice has to be served to the corrupt. Get prepared for all out civil guerilla war. The righteous will prevail but they’ll have to turn savage in order to prevail.
    The time is approaching fast.

  3. Boycott Harvest Gallery…Whoever this “left” person is needs to understand their intolerance has consequences.

  4. She was compared to lewd art.”
    Let me be clear, children attending Mr. Sparklephart’s all inclusive juvenile jamboree are in lewd art.

  5. So it’s lewd art to sing the national anthem, but a drag Queen in a g-string twerking in a young child’s face doesn’t seem to meet the same criteria? This country is doomed!

  6. The GOP supports the cancelling of Trump and anything associated with him. And it supports the related lawlessness.

    • Actually, leftists are more like demons who are wearing meat suits. Even if what they’re doing or saying seems nonsensical, it’s still an evil, Satanic agenda.


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