Creepy Clown Keith Olbermann Calls Riley Gaines Nasty Names


Keith Olbermann, file photo

Keith Olbermann, his usual hateful self, called Riley Gaines “nasty, stupid, unsuccessful transphobe” because she doesn’t think men dressed as women should compete in girl’s or women’s sports, or show up in their locker rooms and showers.

Of course, Olbermann, who has been fired from every job he has ever had, brought Donald Trump into it because he’s obsessed. Maybe he’s off his meds.

He thinks Champiion Riley Gaines sucks at swimming, so Ms. Gaines responded by joking and showing him her awards.

Riley Gaines had tremendous support.

She deserves support. She’s courageously standing up to crazy. Not many people are.



  1. Olbermann once had a premier perch at ESPN. Today he’s reduced to picking fights with young women. There’s a moral in there, somewhere.

  2. Sex Dysfunctional individuals
    should not be allowed to reproduce

    therefore a male wanting to identify female
    should be castrated (proof needed) before he can be recognized “female” and compete as female, and other female roles

    females wantng male status need be sterilized
    as they are deemed incompetent in a tradition female role (mother)

    not accepting this requirement and continuing to
    ‘charade’ will be treated as criminal

    society benefits


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