Crime Tourism Is All the Rage in Places Like California


California tourism has declined in once-popular cities for tourists like San Francisco, where crime is rampant. Laws are not enforced, others are ignored, but all is not lost. They always have crime tourism!

There is a fan base for tourism. – criminals. Crime tourism is the smash-and-grab tourism by foreigners on tourist visas.

Organized gangs come in on tourist visas, case homes, rob, ransack, and flee.

There is a price to be paid for messaging the world that the US is not enforcing the law as politicians welcome all criminals into sanctuary cities, and so-called non-violent crimes are downgraded with minimal punishments.

California is one victim of the ideology. The word is out. Some of these gangs sweep the entire country, stealing along the way.

It’s been around for years.

Crime tourism is the work of organized gangs that enter countries on tourist visas for a few weeks with the sole intention of committing crimes or making a quick buck. They focus on home break-ins and shoplifting. They inflict maximum damage on locals before returning to their home countries.

They also hit Canada and Australia.

Not only is crime tourism an organized crime, they revel in their knowledge of local criminal law. They undertake levels of crime that are not violent, so they avoid prosecution to the fullest. It’s a game of “optimum opportunity cost.”

Crime tourism is an easily avoidable happening. Stop opening the borders, protecting criminals, and refusing to enforce the law. They are coming to pick our bones as the country slips into Third World status.



  1. What is wrong with democrats that they think things that destroy the USA are good ?

    What is wrong with the MSM that go as far as lie to have the gullible public believe what is bad is good ?

    The MSM said that when South Africa blacks sing KILL THE BOERS it does not mean kill the boers even though white people are tortured, raped and murdered by blacks everyday in South Africa.

    WHat kind of sick people lie to protect murderers?

    what kind of sick people protect criminals and change laws to make it easier for criminals to commit crimes ?

    what is wrong with leftists ?

    • Because they can destroy the USA. And not a damn thing will happen. Well, except for indicting Trump over and over. Until they can find a way to jail or execute him. Wake up. Chaos ensues to make us live in fear. They will never jail criminals, just patriots whom they consider political dissidents. As to what is wrong with them? They are low IQ, power hungry trash that hates America and especially white people.


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