Dan Bongino Warns That Democrats Are Going to Dump Joe


Dan Bongino believes that Democrats are getting ready to dump Joe Biden. He said it’s not a good thing since Gavin Newsom will be a far more formidable opponent, even though he has ruined California.

I agree but still think Michelle Obama is a possibility, but she hates politics. Gavin is in the wings and is itching to jump into the race.

Bongino explains the latest Biden scandal in this clip.



  1. Big Mike? No way. Mr. Gel head the Commie from Commifornia? This is on the bench for the Demoncrats? What a pathetic pile of crap!

  2. WTF is wrong with your site ?

    you really expect me to let Facebook track my browsing so I can watch a video you stole from Rumble ?


  3. So? Roger Stone has already told us who’s running for the demons. Newsome and big Mike!
    And that’s what it is! Billary is now too toxic.

  4. Newsome is the one. The shallow women will swoon over him thinking they have a chance to make it with him like they did with Obama.


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