Dangerous Nazi on the Florida Streets Is a CIA/FBI Asset


Conservative independent reporter Laura Loomer published a video on X of a Florida police officer interacting with alleged CIA/FBI Nazi Asset and Azov Battalion fighter Kent “BoneFace” McLellan. McLellan claims to have served with the Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

Loomer included the officer’s name and badge number.

The officer can be seen on the video checking the database and says McLellan is in it. He says further that the FBI’s labeled McLellan a “terrorist organization member.” McLellan’s file says to “contact the screening center” and the FBI.

The officer discusses McLellan’s lengthy criminal record which describes him as “armed, dangerous, violent tendencies.”

He asks McLellan if he’s Ukrainian, and he says he just came back from Ukraine.

Loomer already exposed this dangerous racist creep as an intel asset.

The officer notes that “it says to contact the FBI. I’ve never seen this before…They have Border Patrol’s number on this.”

Miss Loomer said the following on X:

Miss Loomer believes this is undeniable and irrefutable evidence that Kent “BoneFace” McLellan, a Nazi domestic terrorist and violent criminal, “is an FBI/CIA asset who has been flown back and forth to Ukraine with the help of the US Government and the Joe Biden administration to fight the Russians as a U.S. backed intelligence asset.”

“This is proof the CIA/FBI and Florida law enforcement are protecting NAZIS and Ukrainian war criminals, given the fact that McLellan was also recently given a Ukrainian passport.”

Is Biden protecting violent Nazis?

“Biden’s administration is working with and protecting Violent Nazis for the purpose of committing war crimes in Ukraine and instigating Nazi movements in the US during an election year as part of a color revolution to keep President Trump out of the White House by blaming real Donald Trump for Nazi and White Supremacist movements in the US.”

“Biden is behind these Nazis and domestic terrorists. His administration and his FBI/ CIA is protecting them and sending them to Ukraine.”

Watch the clip on this link.
Kent Boneface McLellan

A Zimbabwe paper called the Herald reports a lot of what she says about his domestic terrorism and alleged brutal abuse of prisoners in Ukraine.

Yesterday, “Boniface” McLellan said that “Biden is better than Trump” because Biden sends rockets to Ukraine, and yells “Slava Ukraini!” His co-leader also supports Biden.

There is some question about his involvement in the Azovs, but there were reports before this of ties between Ukrainian Azovs and American Nazis.

Boneface is not an actor. These Nazis are real skinheads. McLellan is probably an intel asset. According to independent reporter Ian Miles Cheong, he has seen him on Azov videos torturing prisoners. It’s not hard to believe what Cheong says.

Stories in RT seem to indicate he’s not supportive of NATO. He supports Azovs.



  1. Isaiah wrote:
    The treacherous deal treacherously.
    Yes, the treacherous deal very treacherously.
    Simply more evidence of Democrat treachery.

    If the 14th amendment were applied to all Dem’s, would any of them still be on the ballot?


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