DC Think Tank Senior Fellow Wants to Send Nukes to Ukraine


A writer for a D.C. Think Tank, American Enterprise Institute, wants to send nuclear weapons to Ukraine. Senior Fellow Michael Rubin believes it will deter Russia.

Has he seen any sign that anything will deter Russia? He has zero reason to believe it. In any case, why would he want to risk it?

“Putin is desperate and erratic. The destruction of the Kakhovka dam is a warning that Putin abides by no redlines. With the Ukrainian counter-offensive underway, the threat that Russia might use tactical nuclear weapons is increasingly a likelihood. It would be unfair to blame Kyiv. There is no moral equivalence. Russia invaded Ukraine; not the other way around. So long as Ukraine was on the verge of victory, Putin would arrive at this point of nuclear retaliation…,” Rubin writes.

He’s calling Putin desperate and erratic, but he wants to send nuclear weapons to an unreliable leadership in Ukraine.

As for Putin losing the war, Russia has taken land and Ukraine hasn’t taken any of it back.

Rubin continues, saying that we should be willing to use nuclear weapons.

“What Biden should instead do is tell Russia clearly that any use of nuclear weapons of any size against Ukraine will lead to U.S. provision of the same types of nuclear weapons to Ukraine without any controls on where and how Ukraine might use them. The non-proliferation mafia might howl with outrage, but the West must gear its nuclear policy toward reality, not wishful thinking or an empty façade of a treaty regimen by which revisionist states no longer abide.

“Just as during the Cold War, the best way to deter nuclear weapons use is to demonstrate a willingness to use them.”

He’s willing to use weapons that could destroy the world!

The people in the think tank are as out of touch as the administration. D.C. is an echo chamber of the oblivious.


Col. MacGregor believes crisis will come to the United States. It probably can’t be avoided at this point. He does believe the American people will prevail in the end.

The US isn’t enforcing the law, and we are allowing anyone who wants to enter the country to come in. This is how you destroy a nation. Once destroyed, the idea is to put in the new Utopian State. This is the Bolshevik idea, which won’t work, but that is the plan.

He backs these comments up.

Go to 06:00, Transforming the Military to Transform the Country, on this link.



  1. I never realized AEI was such a warmongering organization. They are probably aligned with the New American Century people, the epitome of warmongers. I thought they were extreme even back then. Only idiots believe you can “impose” American democracy on other nations. That thinking is still going on today and Ukraine is the prime example. Instead of Russia wanting to restore the Soviet Empire, it is the West who want to control the Entire Damn World.

  2. The rhetoric is so contradictory and patterned that is has to be Intel propaganda. It is the same tone which comes out of the media, Intel, and DC.

    Notice that this great betrayer, McCarthy, has the house Intel committee doing nothing to sort this out.

  3. Senior Fellow Michael Rubin Your a blithering IDIOT !! We will be probably and God Forbid will be Sending them that way soon enough !! We don’t need a man that plays the piano with his genitals to have nukes no mater how good or kind of good he is doing.


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