Defaced 9/11 Memorials Require Engineers to Repair


The 9/11 Memorials are vandalized regularly, especially in New York. Take Brooklyn for example. The Memorial is ruined – covered with graffiti.

In another case, vandals attacked a 9/11 memorial flagpole that honoured five firefighters. The memorial was discovered cut-down on Wednesday at the Firemen’s Memorial Park in Washingtonville, New York.

In West Philadelphia, vandals spray-painted the faces of a firefighter and a police officer on a 9/11 mural at 56th and Thompson. That was particularly cruel.

iHere’s one that was stolen.

9’11 Memorial disappears.

Look at what has to be done to clean the graffiti put there by clowns.

The media will tell you no one defaces 9/11 memorials, but they’re lying. We can prove it – here’s one of the people who gets the graffiti off. Look at the complicated and expensive process that they have to go through to clean up the mess from the clowns.

They hit Florida too. We have no shortage of clowns in the USA.



  1. The Bush family orchestrated 9-11, Epstein Island was 100% Mossad (Israel), no 1000% behind the rape of those American children to gain power. If you find that statement anti semitic you are a blind fool.


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