Delta Airlines, Making Capitalization Racist Again


DEI Wokeness is everywhere. Take Delta for example. They put out an inclusive language guide that encourages bigotry against white people through capitalization. Capitalization used to be racist against black people.

Here’s an example:

To be fair, they were sued by at least one black woman saying she was sat in the back of the plane. Also, Delta employees were fined for racist hiring and wage practices, and a black screenwriter said they were racist. Now they’re overcompensating.

The AP style book agrees that you should capitalize black and brown but not white when referring to ethnicity or race. For a long time, white was capitalized and not black and brown when referencing race and ethnicity. That wasn’t right, but now they want to right that wrong with bias against white people. We don’t know the motives of these people, and some may have decent motives, but we can say with certainty that their logic is wanting.

The CEO said they’re lifting as they climb and are gaining altitude.

“Thoughtful action combined with a focus on championing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and within our personal lives will play a healing role to help us keep climbing. The Delta family will use whatever means we have to move the world toward a better, more just tomorrow,” said  Ed Bastian, Chief Executive Officer.

The only problem is  DEI does not lift up anyone. It relies on the concept of oppressed and oppressor. Wokes make everything racist.

Delta knows all the buzzwords, and they will probably get the Wokes off their backs.



  1. The proper response to this idiocy is to stop flying on Delta, stop working for Delta, and stop servicing Delta. Of course, the other carriers will doubtless adopt the same policies. Legal action is also required to respond to this kind of racism. I wouldn’t credit any of them with good motives. Discrimination is discrimination from any angle.

  2. I bet Delta is giving priority to hiring by diversity. That is far more concerning to me. I want the best qualified pilot and mechanic, not the most diverse.

  3. The author reveals the absurdity of it all, while not minimizing the dangers. Next blonde will not be capitalized but but b;lack and brown will. What will they due about red, since such a small minority of people in the word have red hair?
    These moves toward tribalism are an example of how humans are not getting better but are regressing. All the technology makes it look like progress, but as humans, No!
    A personal note: We too need to look deep within our own souls, are we becoming tribalistic, too?
    Yes we need to work for, literally fight for freedom, but can we afford to see our opponents as less than human?

    • Sounds like you understand, we are all people and we need to look past what is on the outside and focus on what is on the inside. We all pretty much have the same desires, except for the deviants amongst us.


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