Democrat FTC Targeted Musk for Supporting Free Speech


The Federal Trade Commission pressured an independent third-party auditing firm to find Twitter violated the terms of its FTC settlement agreement. This information came out in a motion filed last week in federal court.

That misconduct and the FTC’s repudiation of the terms of the settlement agreement entitle Twitter to vacate the consent order, its lawyers maintain.

Elon Musk

According to The Federalist, this latest development holds significance beyond Twitter’s fight with the FTC.

It goes right to the heart of American free speech.

It’s all in the details. It shows further evidence that the Biden administration targeted Twitter because its owner Elon Musk supported free speech. The Biden agencies are members of the digital industrial censorship complex.

President Joe Biden’s Federal Trade Commission quickly opened an investigation into Twitter’s protection of user data after the takeover. Musk’s legal team has released a court filing detailing its corrupt strategy to tear down the company.

An employee at the consulting firm Ernst and Young testified that the FTC pressured employees to write a negative analysis of Twitter’s data security methods. Bureaucrats made it clear that smearing Musk would be the predetermined outcome of the report, he said. The employee feared that the FTC would make “challenges” for the company if it refused to write it.

Ironically, he made these statements during a deposition that was supposed to help the government’s case.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about a potential FTC vendetta against Musk over the Twitter Files. The exposure of internal communications revealed a massive censorship regime within federal agencies. They suppressed and punished dissent and conservative views on social media platforms. This exposure of censorship came almost entirely through Musk.

Back in March, the demand letters got leaked to the Wall Street Journal and forced the FTC to retreat temporarily from its attempts to police journalism.

Miranda Devine of the NY Post has a theory about this:



  1. The evidence is overwhelming that we are in the grip of an organized crime syndicate masquerading as the Democratic Party together with a diminishing herd of RINOS. The FTC is just another mob family charged with carrying out the orders of the Boss, whoever that might be, probably Obama and/or Soros. They have their hands around the neck of our 7 Trillion dollar budget and will no more allow an election to take it away than John Gotti would surrender his territory to another rival mob. Patriots have to understand that only by the full exercise of the 2nd Amendment will we ever be able to free ourselves from the crime family’s grip. 


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