Democrat Mayor of a Large City Becomes a Republican


The mayor of one of the largest cities in the U.S. announced in a Friday opinion piece that he is leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican.

In an article in the Wall Street Journal, Mayor Eric Johnson, titled his article, America’s cities need Republicans, and I am becoming one. The subtitle was, While Dallas has thrived, elsewhere, democratic policies have exacerbated crime and homelessness.

Dallas, Texas

“I have been mayor of Dallas for more than four years. During that time, my priority has been to make the city safer, stronger, and more vibrant. That meant saying no to those who wanted to defund the police. It meant fighting for lower taxes and a friendlier business climate. And it meant investing in family-friendly infrastructure such as better parks and trails.”

He said the approach is working.

Mayor Johnson said he can no longer stand on the sidelines, and he’s always tried to be honest.

“Alone among America’s ten most populous cities, Dallas has brought violent crime down in every major category, including murder, year-over-year for the past two years.

Mayor Johnson said he will not endorse candidates while he is mayor. He said this is about promoting policies and principles. He noted that with his changing party affiliation, it means the number of Republican mayors has gone from 0 to 1. It’s hardly a “red wave.” He said the “majority of Americans who call our cities home deserve to have real choices, not progressive echo chambers at City Hall.”



  1. What a joke. This is the same clown who said blacks needed to be arrested at the same rate as Asians. The GOP doesn’t need black racists. No more Romneys, McCains nor Bushies.


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