Democrat Refers Abortion-Minded Mothers to the Satanic Temple


Democrat Gov. Lujan Grisham identifies as a Catholic. Yet, she launched a taxpayer-funded hotline that refers abortion-minded mothers to The Satanic Temple’s abortion network.

It sounds soulless, not Catholic.

Gov. Lujan Grisham

Church Militant reports:

In a recent report, New Mexico Alliance for Life (NMAL) exposed the connection between the hotline and what The Satanic Temple (TST) calls “TST Health,” which the TST website boasts is “the world’s first religious abortion clinic.”

“Why are taxpayers of New Mexico forced to promote the satanic temple religious abortion center through the pro-abortion governor’s hotline?” asked Elisa Martinez, the executive director of NMAL.

“Is the state of New Mexico fully disclosing to women that ‘TST Health’ is a satanic ritualistic abortion center and that abortion is not a life-saving procedure — that it involves the ending of an innocent human life?” she added.

As a Catholic, how in God’s name could Grisham do this? We thought Democrats wanted God out of every corner of society, but Satanism is okay?

However, neo-Democrat leaders are now adopting God through climate and Mayor Adams. Gov. Hochul wants apostles when she enforces draconian measures during pandemics. In 2021, in California, Democrats had students saying a prayer to Aztec gods. Democrats seem confused. Maybe an exorcism would help?

From God to Satan with neo-Democrats. Surprised? Unfortunately, the average Democrat doesn’t know what’s happening because the media are activists now, not reporters.



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