Democrats See Debt Ceiling Deal As a Resounding Biden Win


“Fake spending cuts by fake conservatives,” Rand Paul

The debt ceiling agreement appears to be a resounding win for Democrats. Axios reporter Andrew Solendar said that a senior House Democrat told the outlet that “Most [Democrats] are surprised by how modest the concessions appear to be.”

“Right now, the Democrats are very upset,” McCarthy said. House Democratic leader “Hakeem [Jeffries] told me, there’s nothing in the bill for them. There’s not one thing in the bill for Democrats.”

That was news to Jeffries, who said in a CBS News “Face the Nation” interview: “I have no idea what he’s talking about, particularly because I have not been able to review the actual legislative text,” Axios reported.

McCarthy toned it down by Sunday afternoon.

“It is not everything everybody wanted, but I think it is a very positive bill,” he told reporters later in the day.

Asked whether he could get Democratic votes for a bill he cast as a total GOP victory, McCarthy said: “We raised the debt ceiling, we negotiated in good faith with the president. … There’s a lot in here for both sides.”

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) characterized the fact that the bill raises the debt ceiling into 2025 as a “huge win” for Biden, but conceded McCarthy has “worked the public relations of this, in my opinion, to great effect.”

The Resounding Win

McCarthy is spinning a tale or doesn’t understand what he agreed to.

McCarthy actually told his members on a Saturday night conference call that he made zero concessions to Democrats.

Here is one example. McCarthy and his investigators boast that the deal “restart[s] student loan repayments,” but the White House said that it simply “codifies an end to the pause — which the administration had planned to end on September 1.”

Conservatives say the White House is correct.

Here are more concessions:
  • Increase spending.
  • Keep the green new deal.
  • Keep the student loan bailout.
  • Keep almost all the IRS funding. Most of the soon-to-be 87,000 IRS agents will be protected to hound gig economy workers and other low to middle-class workers.
  • Not enforceable. They say it is enforceable, but there aren’t any legal mechanisms to enforce it.
  • Increase the debt ceiling by about $4 trillion over two years to avoid a pre-2024 election fight. It’s unlimited in that it will remain uncapped until Jan. 1, 2025. By Jan 2025, we will have a $36 trillion debt.



  1. The only Good Debt Ceiling Deal is NO DEBT CEILING DEAL! For Biden to Balance the Budget and every other president going forward.

  2. And then there’s McCarthy’s most obedient water-carrier, the new “if you make me Chair of the House Judiciary, Kevin, I’ll make you Speaker” turncoat, Jim Jordan, and his take on the McCarthy “deal,” … “If I understand, for the first time in U.S. history, we’re spending less money than the year before. That seems like a pretty darn good deal to me.”

    Is that so.

    :::ring-ring::: “Hello, Credit Card company? Yes. Yes, I know I’m over my limit by a thousand percent, but I PROMISE I will not spend as much next year as a I did this year. How’s that for a deal, eh? Oh. What’s that? You want to know what I’ll be doing to pay back what I already owe? Well … uh … mmm … well, you just don’t understand. See, I was just saying about how I won’t spend as much next year as this year, don’t you get it? I mean, how great is that!?”

    I wonder if these fools have any idea how very carefully we are now watching every single one of them? I already know how my own Paul-Ryan-replacement-RINO-Rep, Bryan Steil, is going to vote, because he’s every bit the McCarthy lap puppy that Jordan is. He said, about 10 days ago, on Fox Business (Varney), “We CAN’T default! The consequences of that would be incredibly draconian!”

    In short, it’s quite obvious now that the McCarthy cabal gave up before they even got started. They blame the WH for keeping them waiting for three-plus months? Why do they complain about that if their already set-in-stone intention was to just give in, anyway?

  3. “Democrats see the debt ceiling deal as a resounding win” because IT IS A RESOUNDING WIN for them.

    There are NO spending CUTS. In fact, according to Chip Roy’s charts, there’s an overall $2.5B INCREASE over and above what the House just recently voted as the limit to spending ($1.5B) … for a total of $4B in upcoming spending, AS AGREED TO BY McCARTHY.

    He’s a brazen sellout, all while claiming to be the opposite.

    And here’s another thing. During the CNN Townhall, TRUMP made the following statements:

    ““I say to the Republicans out there — Congressman, Senators — IF THEY DON’T GIVE YOU MASSIVE CUTS, YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO A DEFAULT.”

    “I don’t believe they’re going to do a default because I think the Democrats will absolutely cave, will absolutely cave because you don’t want to have that happen. […] But it’s better than what we’re doing right now because we’re spending money like drunken sailors.”

    Trump was then asked to clarify whether the US should default if Biden would refuse to agree to Republican spending cut demands. His response (direct quote), “Well you might as well do it now because you’ll do it later because we have to save this country.”

    So … OK, Trump. Let’s be hearing from you about this McCarthy travesty. Are you going to stick to your brave words? … “If they don’t give you massive cuts, you’re going TO HAVE TO DO A DEFAULT” … ??? … or are you gonna back this brazen sellout of a House Speaker?

  4. It is another incredible and predictable betrayal. The dems got an obvious victory.

    The deals worked on by Mitch and Ryan over the years were a delight to democrats. One of the deals they said was beyond their wildest dreams. McCarthy was Ryan’s top sidekick. Scalise is to the left of McCarthy. The party has been taken over by the left and there is no turning back.

    MTG looks worse every week, as she makes her smokescreen media appearances to distract us into other issues.

  5. ‘Lotta’ spin involved here…on both sides??? “The more things change the more they remain the same…”

    • The debt is a major obstacle in our economy and is a road leading to disaster. The US is not and will not survive other than in name with this path, regardless of spin.


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