Democrats Tried to Take Out RFK Today with Smears & Censorship


Second day in a row.  Democrat Party at a hearing demonstrates its totalitarian core. Trying to silence – to censor – RFK Jr. Democrats SUPPORT Biden’s Stalinist interference in free speech. These are dark days. The Democrat Party Hates America.

~ Mark Levin

Democrats tried to take out Robert F. Kennedy Jr. today with lies, smears, and attempts to silence him. It was an anti-censorship hearing. You can’t make this stuff up.

Democrats claimed they didn’t want to censor and then tried to censor RFK or use the ploy to humiliate and diminish him and further their claims that he was racist and anti-Semitic.

I can’t vote for a Democrat since they clearly have a totalitarian core, and I don’t believe a President Robert Kennedy could control them. Democrats want him taken out because they fear he’ll run third party and siphon off votes from the incompetent Joe Biden.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) moved to shift the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing on Thursday to executive session “because Mr. Kennedy has repeatedly made despicable anti-Semitic and anti-Asian comments as recently as last week.”

The congresswoman cited a House rule against testimony found to “defame, degrade, or incriminate”  any person, which would allow the committee to censor him.

Rep. Thomas Massie moved to table Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s attempt to censor Robert Kennedy Jr. by going into executive session. His side won the vote, and Mr. Kennedy was allowed to speak. Why are they so afraid to let him be heard?

RFK’s Opening Statement:

Rep. Plaskett of the Virgin Islands uses very offensive language to destroy RFK Jr.
RFK obliterates Rep. Plaskett.

When Plaskett went off the rails, Jim Jordan slammed her but you can’t embarrass these leftists.

Plaskett is worried about Russia interfering in elections after trying to silence RFK today.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz calls RFK anti-Semitic, asks him the question, and then won’t let him speak.
The comments about RFK telling people COVID affected whites and blacks but not Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese as much was during a discussion of targeted bioweapons. Watch it here and see what you think:

Full Hearing:



  1. This event will raise RFK’s popularity. Party leaders instructed its members to attack RFK. Talking points were issued. This is how afraid they are of RFK. If they were not afraid, they would not act like this.

    My hunch is RFK will be >30% in the next polls. Imagine later when RFK talks to large cheering crowds and Biden mopes around in a few small events.

    Trump and RFK are sure winners to get the nominations in a fair system. What awaits us in 2024, national riots, war, climate emergency, economic crises, all planned to destabilize?

  2. Very interesting, why is the racist still on the panel as she has no interest in the truth or or any semblance of freedom? Jordan should boot her vile ass out and ask for a Democratic successor…and Kennedy should demand she repeat her assertions outside of the house…it’s all very well to make a nice omelette, but he will need to crack a few eggs first….third party would be such a way.
    Trump has the same issues by the way. Many have said they would vote for a third party joint ticket between those two….I would.


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