“Deranged” Professor Wants Children Exposed to Adult Genitalia


A journalism professor at BCU claims children should be exposed to adult genitalia to prepare them for seeing naked trans people in locker rooms, Daily Mail online reports. She was responding to swimmer Riley Gaines, who thinks women and girls are entitled to privacy from men in bathrooms and locker rooms, called her “deranged” and said she should “be in prison.”

Professor Katja Thieme took to Twitter to say that she believed children should be exposed to adult genitalia.

According to the University of British Columbia staffer, the world would thank parents for it.

Thieme had tweeted after receiving a video of swimmer Riley Gaines who has been an open critic of transgender athletes in women’s sports.

Katja “claimed kids should be exposed to adult genitalia to prepare them for the possibility of seeing a naked trans person.”

In a lengthy response to the video, in which Thieme blasted Gaines, she also tweeted: “Hey, want to know one of my all-time excellent parenting ideas?”

Her idea involved unmentionables:

“Let. Little. Children. See. Penises. And. Vulvas. Of. Various. Ages. And. Sizes. In. A. Casual. Normalized. Totally. Safe. Way.”

“The world will thank you for it. And so will those children when they grow up.”

Thieme, who has protected her tweets, doesn’t understand protecting children from child abuse. In the UK, this is a crime.

Katjet Thieme looks like a trans, but I guess not since she isn’t saying she is.

Gaines Fired Back

Gaines, who opposes transgender athletes competing with biological women, fired back, “You. Are. Deranged. And. Should. Be. In. Prison.” The former swimming champion added, “I’d tag you, but naturally, you made your account private.” Gaines also shared, “If you need a guest lecturer for your course, let me know. In the meantime, someone should check her search history.”

This was not the first interaction between the swimmer and the professor. Thieme previously posted on X, “Gaines gets tearful about the emotional effect it had on her that Thomas was holding the trophy which she had also won.” Thieme added, “That’s just whiny. What a sore not-even-loser.”

“You. Are. Deranged. And. Should. Be. In. Prison” – Riley Gaines slams a professor over transgender athletes.”

This is what Katje, a professor at the University of British Columbia, didn’t like:
Gaines Isn’t a Transphobe; Thieme Is a Groomer!

In the same thread, Thieme accused Gaines of being a transphobe and disparaged her emotional reaction to racing against the fully intact biological man Lia Thomas.

Several responses called Thieme a groomer.

When it comes to sports, a poll conducted by the Macdonald Laurier Institute found that 62% of Canadians believe it is unfair for biological males to compete in women’s sports. Similar findings were seen in the US, with an NPR/Ipsos poll finding that 63% of Americans saying they oppose biological males competing in women’s sports, reports True North News.



  1. This story is about a journalism teacher (not exactly an analytical or moral field) advocating making indecent exposure legal. It’s a perv.

    • As the saying goes, “Let the nose of the camel in the tent and the rest is sure to follow”
      Our schools are filled with vile, evil, sexually perverted, sicko, freaks, totally devoid of any moral fiber and who have no intention of teaching your children school subjects, but are dedicated to making your children into vile, evil, sexually perverted sicko freaks like they are. Get your children out of public school NOW!


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