DeSantis Is Trying to Lose At This Point


Gov. DeSantis just doesn’t get it. He’s trying to lose at this point. As Trump’s spokesperson said, he’s Biden’s “biggest cheerleader” He continues to turn off millions of Americans who feel the 2020 election was insecure, and possibly stolen.

“Joe Biden’s the president,” the Florida governor said in an interview with NBC News, adding, “Of course, he lost.” He’s allegedly trying new lines of attack against Donald Trump. Who are his advisers? They’re not very good.

According to the NY Times, he said the former president’s false theories about a rigged 2020 election were “unsubstantiated.”

For years, Mr. DeSantis dodged direct answers to questions about whether he believed the election was stolen. During the 2022 midterms, he also campaigned for Republican candidates nationwide who vehemently denied the 2020 results,” The Times reports.

“But respectfully, you did not clearly answer that question,” NBC News correspondent Natasha Burns said. “And if you can’t give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether or not he lost —”

“No, of course, he lost,” DeSantis said, adding, “Joe Biden’s the president.”

“Whoever puts their hand on the Bible on Jan. 20 every four years is the winner,” DeSantis told NBC News correspondent Dasha Burns in his first broadcast network interview since he launched his presidential campaign.

“Ron DeSantis should really stop being Joe Biden’s biggest cheerleader,” Trump spokesman Steve Cheung told NBC News.

Cheung has a point. DeSantis is not hurting Donald Trump; he’s turning off Americans who look back at 2020 and see a lot of corruption. We have the hiding of the Hunter laptop; browser searches manipulated; laws changed illegally to help Biden; mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, unsecured Zuckerboxes, over a billion poured questionably into Biden’s campaign; millions of dollars of free mainstream media advertising; corporations uniting against Donald Trump; foreign nations bashing Trump; et cetera.

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  1. There is a story that DeSantis is being told to be more RINO compliant or have his funders withdraw. He seems to be doing that.

    He already alienated enough Trump voters to not be able to win without Trump in the race. I am a hard line voter, he never gets mine.

    He had a persona of being a contrarian to the establishment, but that was fake. He has to know he is stepping in it.

    Trump is delivering fantastic speeches. OAN shows them all. He is as sharp as ever. DeSantis is incapable of doing that. My guess is DeSantis ruined his career.

  2. As I stated when he first ran, he is supported by the swamp and the swamp hates President Trump (I mean you know the real President).

  3. He’s not trying to lose. He’s like Pence, hoping Trump gets convicted and disqualified from running. This way he’s at the top of the republican heap. He knows he can’t beat Trump outright so his only hope is to move Trump out of the picture. And for people saying Trump can still run from prison, I say all of this turmoil is taking a toll on Trumps health and I worry about him. Heart attack, prison attack, this government is evil.

    • LALA. Maureen used used the headline as a way to say that DeSantis had chosen a path to losing, not only in 2024 but turning of key voters for 2028 and beyond.
      I would suggest that you an other readers need to review the different types of figurative language, and also understand different approach such as sarcasm, etc.
      Maureen presentation was really very clever.
      Maybe this will help: “A gambler plans to lose!” Now that does not mean that the gambler intends to lose, it means he has chosen a path that all but guarantees losing.
      Hope that helps you understand the clever headline.

      PS. Keep up you thoughtful comments and analyses.


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