Despite All Their Oil, Texas Is Issuing Conservation Appeals


ERCOT has issued a “Conservation Appeal” for the state of Texas due to the summer heat and not a lot of wind is blowing today.

Wind isn’t blowing

They have energy-saving tips!

Note they have left off not charging your Electric Vehicle which is equal to having two air conditioning compressors running in your back yard or equal to plugging in twelve refrigerators.

Perhaps if we didn’t have Electric Vehicles then the grid wouldn’t be stressed to the limit?

If you go to the ERCOT Dashboard you can see current grid demands.

Under “Supply and Demand” note at sundown which is around 20:00 the Supply merges with Demand with just around 1000 MW between the two.



  1. I don’t think electric vehicles play much part in Texas’ inadequate supply of electricity – there just aren’t enough of them around. IMO, ERCOT owns it – it needs to be replaced by people who know what they’re doing. ERCOT obviously doesn’t, as evidenced by the disastrous total loss of electric power for days in the recent ice storm.

    The answer is NOT “alternative energy”, which is a massive taxpayer ripoff. If not for all the taxpayer-funded subsidies, “alternative energy” wouldn’t exist at all. And even WITH the subsidies, “alternative energy” eventually fail anyway.

    A favorite term often used by “alternative energy” advocates is “sustainable”, and that’s exactly what their precious “alternative energy” is NOT. It costs many times more to manufacture and maintain the equipment than it returns in any energy it produces. And as everyone knows, the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow. “Alternative energy” is nothing but a bad joke – on us.

  2. This article misses the mark by a mile. It does not how much oil you have if the EPA has constantly disallowed any new electrical generating stations. Biden has not permitted a single new facility since he has been in office. Hence Texas electricity capacity using fossil or nuke fuels has remained flat for 20 years.

      • That is a great question. I do not know the answer. I think that interstate transmission of electricity allows the feds to interfere.

    • Tell us how this article misses the mark. This article is not about oil. The Texas problem, if 20 years old, is not Biden’s fault. Texas had a major energy problem about 4 years ago due to an ice storm. Government sure is the problem in this.

      • One reason new fossil fuel plants aren’t built is government subsidies. Under Obama, the federal government began handing out subsidies to so called, green energy, and the green energy solar farms and wind mills failed miserably during that ice storm and today, in addition to being unreliable, they cannot produce enough energy to meet demand. And I wonder how green they are when whole forested areas are clear cut to make way for acres of solar farms, the solar panels cannot be recycled when damaged such as were in a hailstorm in Nebraska or their useful life is completed, so must be dumped in landfills. How green are windmills when they must rely on fossil burning diesel engines to start them rotating, use around 85 gallons/yr of oil for lubrication and their fiberglass blades cannot be recycled so must be dumped in landfills. Not to mention the hundreds of raptors and other endangered birds killed by the rotating blades that you and I would go to prison for killing.

  3. FYI_
    “Between Baffin Bay, south of Corpus Christi, and Sabine Lake, on the Louisiana border, about 300 wells in state waters sit abandoned by defunct owners. The largest concentration of these is the 119 in Trinity Bay, which is also home to about a dozen decaying platforms.
    I first wrote about Texas’s abandoned wells in 1999, and not much has changed since. Every year the state plugs more than a thousand of them, but every year a comparable number are abandoned. There are more than eight thousand wells on the state’s to-plug list. Sisyphus would feel right at home working for the Railroad Commission’s orphan-well program.”

  4. GOP
    Governors like the cowboy from Harvard Boy-George-Bush enable this. Filthy F-ing republicans. In the past I had supported that criminal enterprise with money and votes, NEVER AGAIN!!!


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