Destruction of the Western World: The Invasion of Italy


Italy is under siege. The invasion has ramped up.

In this photo, former UK Parliamentarian Jim Ferguson explains that 7,000 illegal aliens invaded a town of 6,000 people. This happened in only 24 hours.

He believes it is to destroy the sovereignty of the countries in the Western World.

Remix reports:

The situation on the Italian island of Lampedusa is coming to a head, with the local government declaring a state of emergency after more than 6,000 illegal migrants were registered on the small Italian Mediterranean island on Tuesday.

Besides an influx of hundreds of boats sailing toward Italy’s harbors, scenes of violence were recorded, with migrants trying to break through police lines.

“Apocalypse on Lampedusa. Italian police are trying to keep illegal African migrants in check. Meanwhile, 160 boats have arrived with 8,000 illegals: just young, strong men who are migrating into our social systems,” wrote former Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician Georg Pazderski on X.

Mayor Filippo Mannino has responded by declaring a state of emergency on Wednesday evening, as reported by the Ansa news agency. He demanded more support for the small island, which he said is under “great stress.” Officially, the number of migrants on the island now outnumbers the actual residents.

“Everyone has helped in some way the migrants who needed help. But now it’s really time to look for a structural solution,” Mannino said. However, it is unclear what the state of emergency will actually achieve without concrete support from the ruling conservatives in Italy, who already declared a nationwide emergency in April as migration numbers soared via the Mediterranean route.

The political response is never strong enough.

The US southern border looks like Italy. Do people realize we don’t have a country because we don’t have borders?

When will Americans realize this is happening in the USA by design?



  1. Meloni is obviously another NWO plant, she pretended to be conservative and tough, then the invasion increased. Italian forces could stop the invasion any time, they have plenty of boats to send them back as they arrive.

  2. A few alarm bells and red flashing neon sign reading ” possible white supremacist alert !” will go off at the FBI, NSA, ADL, SPLC and where ever else they spy on us, because I am gonna say some forbidden words;

    —Those invasions only happen to White people in White nations.

    —Those invaders are all non-white people ( Hispanics, South Americans, Haitians, Africans, Middle eastern, Asian, etc…).

    — The US census does show that Whites are a shrinking percentage of the population ( in Texas Hispanics are now the majority, NOT whites) but mentioning it is hate crime…or will soon be.

    — Our own governments , our own leaders ( in White nations ) are forcing us – almost at gun point – to pay ( trough our hard earned tax dollars ) for the shelter, transport, clothes, food, health care, education and cell phones of the invaders.

    — Our own Main Stream Media ( in White nations) are lying about how bad the situation is and are falsely accusing us of being racists who invent conspiracy theories.

  3. Have you also noticed that tn the ‘lands vacated by the refugees(???)’, especially those ‘liberated’ by the US and NATO, that the “infidels” have become extinct….


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