Did A NATO Country Go to War with Russia?


Reports from Russian media outlets claim that Russians obliterated Leopard 2 tanks in the Zaporizhzhia region. A German-speaking crew allegedly operated the tanks. Even worse, the outfit allegedly belonged to the Bundeswehr, the unified armed forces of Germany, as cited by the Russian commander of the intelligence team that destroyed the tank.

Vedomosti, a Russian newspaper, reports from a Russian with the call sign Legend:

“Upon halting another onslaught and seizing a Leopard rendered inoperational by an ATGM, we edged towards the charred machinery hoping to extract a ‘tongue’. We discovered a severely injured driver amidst the wreckage, with his companions tragically deceased. Upon regaining consciousness, the mechanic began pleading ‘nicht shissen’ or ‘don’t shoot’ in English. My proficiency in German, thanks to my academic brilliance, allowed me to comprehend his pleas,” shared ‘Legend.’

Allegedly, as he was administered first aid, he realized he was going to die:

His wounds were severe, and he had lost significant blood in the process. When the German soldier discovered he had a slim chance of surviving in Ukraine, he deeply regretted leaving his family behind and traveling to the country. In a short time after that, he passed away.


If true, obviously, this is extremely dangerous. We’re heading for World War III and nuclear war. I don’t support this war. It’s a bad war for a fraudulent cause. This is a war by the globalist cabal for the globalist agenda. if they had gone with Minsk II as promised, none of this would have happened.

Zelensky is not fighting for democracy and freedom for people everywhere. It’s been absurd from the beginning. Ukraine has become a dictatorship before our eyes., and still, people don’t see it. The country is destroyed, and hundreds of thousands have died. This war is going nowhere except to World War.



  1. What an idiot – to say such a thing.


    Only a fool would assume any deterrence on the part of China by merely degrading Russia. Apparently the turtle takes everything Zelensky says as the bonafide truth.

    One guest on Napolitano attempted to impress the idea that “Russia hasn’t taken any ground”. As interviews with soldiers by Patrick Lancaster, around 500 meters from the front lines have said, they just sit at the front lines waiting for movement by Ukrainians and then hit them hard with artillery, rockets and UAV’s. Snipers take care of those who pop their heads up. Instead of changing strategy, the Ukrainians just keep on trying the assault the positions.


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