Did Donald Trump Admit to a Crime During the Baier Interview?


Former President Trump sat down with Bret Baier and answered his probing questions. One involves the subpoena and it’s worrisome. Some people online say he admitted to a felony. I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know.

It looks like Trump defied the grand jury subpoena.

Donald Trump said something to the effect that the only way NARA could ever get this stuff back, would be – Please, please, please, could we have it back? Because …

BRET BAIER: They did ask for it.

TRUMP: No. And I gave them some

BAIER: And then they said they went to DOJ to subpoena you to get it.


PRESIDENT TRUMP: Which they’ve never done before.

BAIER: Right.

TRUMP: And it all –

BAIER: Why not just hand them over then?

TRUMP: Because I had boxes. I want to go through the boxes and get all my personal things out. I don’t want to hand that over to NARA yet. And I was very busy as you’ve sort of seen.

BAIER: Yeah, but according to the indictment, you then tell this aide to move to other locations after telling your lawyers to say you’d fully complied with the subpoena when you hadn’t.

TRUMP: Before I send boxes over, I have to take all of my things out. These boxes were interspersed with all sorts of things.

He was under subpoena and admitted to having an aide move the documents after the subpoena.



  1. Just a second here. Let”s get the facts correct. Trump declassified all of these documents. The grand jury subpoena could only refer to classified documents. If they were declassified then Trump had every reason to move them Moreover, there are several other defenses. This will not work for Jack Smith and his gang of woke communists attempting to manufacture a crime that never occurred.

  2. …and the bottom line punishment is the dealt penalty, which is what is sought for a man like Trump who marked his 77th birthday on Flag Day 14 June 2023.
    His crime? Trying to stop those who are destroying the USA, and make America great again.

  3. Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence after it was subpoenaed by the FBI, and that in itself is a punishable crime.

    Why was she not charged and why would Trump be charged ?

    Why are Democrats above the law ?

    • Because they are in control and…

      There’s one thing guaranteed about Communists; you can depend on them to be Communists!

    • “Why are Democrats above the law?” Because Biden says so. He made this infamous remark on June 23, 2021: “If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

      In other words, “We’re in charge. Don’t try anything or we’ll blow you to pieces, and we don’t care what we use to do it.”

      That is why Democrats are above the law.

  4. This fixation with Faux is going too far. Faux cannot be taken seriously. It will go into contortions to find anything to blame Trump for. I do not accept legal analysis from 2 gossiping overpaid Faux News poli-sci graduates. There is no evidence or ruling that a subpoena was violated, as they often are in DC. Espionage Act charges are not about subpoena violations.


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