Director Wray Blows Up at Hearing When Confronted with Facts


House Judiciary Committee member Matt Gaetz (R-FL) exposed FBI Director Christopher Wray for what he is during a Wednesday hearing. Gaetz laid out lies and evasions by Wray and his agency.

These actions and lies have created a “two-tiered justice system” in this nation, Gaetz suggested.

Gaetz used his time to directly ask Director Wray whether he was “protecting the Bidens” by ignoring the Hunter Biden message revealing a “shake-down” of Chinese business investors. Joe Biden was allegedly present for this shake-down.

When asked if his agency is protecting the Biden family, Wray blew up and angrily said he is not protecting anyone politically when he clearly is doing exactly that.

Wray needs to be impeached.

We know there were federal agents in the crowd on January 6th. Wray then claimed he didn’t know if there were any, saying he was referring to undercover agents. He then said he didn’t think there were undercover agents on the scene, but claims he doesn’t know for certain.

This is typical of Wray. He evades, lies, or claims to know nothing. He is above the law and oversight.

Jim Jordan grilled the know-nothing Wray.

It’s infuriating.

Wray denied censoring Americans on social media. We know they did. Wray is pretending he’s just asking to take down dangerous misinformation.



  1. Is IT open FBI policy? just go do it! and don’t tell me anything. Is Wray’s OATH ON FILE? like many cabinet members are not on file, so they have a title without an oath therefore, can’t be charged for breaking their oath’s? Imposters and clowns.

  2. Wray should be fired, I don’t know answer, being the Director. How many meeting does he have weekly in all aspects of his agency? plenty to know what’s up to include the news, How convenient to say I don’t know under oath. Who’s running the Agency? Biden.

  3. The FBI way out is to answer, its under investigation, that’s classified, don’t know, congress need to remove these IMPEDMENTS to the fact finding.

  4. Forget the theatrics and bring the handcuffs. What buffons from Jordan on. Jordan could have had a better follow up question to trap Wray and did not.

  5. Wray isn’t about to admit that the FBI had agents planted in the crowd and that they were there to agitate for violence (of which there was only a minimal amount). The FBI will use those agents in the future and doesn’t want to out them.

  6. I’m really fed up with these ‘gotcha’ questions. They serve no useful purpose. It’s insufficient to merely put these bureaucrats on the hot seat and try to make them squirm. In every case it is just more theater. When the question allows the witness to repeatedly question the context then it has very little merit. All this does is allow grandstanding by the member of Congress, and it’s getting really old.

    It would benefit greatly if the committee would submit the details that will be covered and require the witness to come fully prepared in detail. But this would mean the member needs the ability to interrogate. Maybe that is beyond most. As it stands, most all witnesses will say they will get back to them, but seldom do. This would also allow the Chair the means to play hardball. If they refuse to prepare in detail then a contempt would be in order.

    Of course we won’t see Any Republican take such steps. Instead they’ll grandstand and attempt to humiliate witnesses. But just check out Wray’s face. Does he seem intimidated at All. His type really believe in their “righteousness” as “Law Enforcement”. That is a breeding ground for arrogance, and it’s all over Wray’s face, as it was Rosenstein, Struck, and so many others.

  7. Gaetz is the best, toughest, most courageous, smartest conservative in congress. He is ready to react to each evasive Wray response. (Notice that Jordan is unable to do that.)

    Gaetz’s questioning is what should have been going on since January. We see some of it now because the corrupt RINO cowards are in trouble due to their weakness and complicity with the left. The GOP is surely on a path to lose the house next time.

  8. The Republican’s need to grow a pair and go after the Biden criminal administration! China Joe and the family need to go to jail!

  9. The time for talk is over. Do something or you might as well get out of the way because they will steamroll over this republican Congress. I’m tired of being on the losing team all the time. We gave up the country when morons elected Obama. Trump was too little too late.


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