Disney Loses $900M as Sound of Freedom Crushes Indiana Jones


Megyn Kelly spoke with Charlie Kirk about the Disney losses since the company has gone Woke. “Disney is looking at a nearly $900 million loss. Right now, following a series of woke flops at the box office.” She rattled them off, Buzz Lightyear, The Little Mermaid, Elemental, adding, “people are not buying this content.”

In a bit of good news, Kirk said that big tech companies are “eliminating their heads of diversity because it’s just a wasted position where somebody just glorifies their wokeness and tries to lecture. So it’s failing.”

He said there are two big bubbles that he thinks are going to pop – the commercial real estate bubble and the streaming bubble. The amount of money that the streaming wars generated or just that they plowed into crappy content, Megan, it’s like 99% of this is garbage. He noted that during COVID, you had Hulu, Netflix, Disney, Disney Plus, Amazon. They poured billions into it, and it’s a lot of trash.

Even worse, Kirk said, “Half of their content allocation had to be in kind of in the woke bucket…it’s just not interesting” like a romantic comedy, drama thriller, World War II documentary, something that is “wholesome and virtuous.”


“ Oh yes, and by the way,” he continued, it doesn’t elevate you, right? And that kind of goes back to a theme we’re talking about. Do we have things that lift us up where it tries to make us become better humans and, you know, talk about what is good and virtuous and beautiful and what is heroic and courageous, and that really is art at its best.”

He then talked about Sound of Freedom, which is doing very well by word of mouth. It is about child sex trafficking and is based on the true life story of Tim Ballard, who courageously went into the darkness, risking his life with a brave officer named Jorge and another man, a former cartel member. They came out with 120 children and gave these children a second chance at life. They arrested over a dozen traffickers.

The US is the biggest purchaser of child sex slaves, and there are more slaves today than in all of history.

For those who think this is a faith-based film, I saw the movie, and God is only mentioned once when Jim Caviezel, playing the part of Tim Ballard, is asked why he is trying to save these children. He says “Because God’s children are not for sale.”

The acting performances and direction are outstanding. The story is moving and gripping. The ending gives people hope and a realization of just how terrible child sex trafficking is. And with our borders open, it’s a free-for-all.

Sound of Freedom beat Disney’s Woke, anti-capitalist Indiana Jones at the box office. They beat out every movie.

The Left Is Trying to Destroy It

The Guardian ran a headline, “Sound of Freedom: the QAnon adjacent thriller seducing America. “ I can’t even begin to tell you how wrong and utterly bizarre that description is. If you see the movie, you will understand. The liberal critics are trying to destroy its success, which makes you wonder how many of these people are pedo-friendly or pedos themselves.


Kirk said, “So Disney’s $900 million bloodbath, I think. is only beginning. Bob Iger has reassumed the role of CEO of Disney and has a really tough kind of situation in front of him because he has so many radical employees that he relies upon for graphic design, for screenwriting, that are so all in on the LGBTQ agenda, he has to continue to push content at least to satisfy their demand.”

Kirk mentioned Lion King, and now, instead of a Hero’s journey, it’s about climate change.

Kirk continued. “I try not to make a habit, Megan, of rejoicing at the suffering of people or companies. I have suspended that rule. I am loving this bloodbath… I love the misery… I love the suffering because Disney used to be a wholesome family-friendly company that made billions of dollars off of families like my own that I grew up in where my parents trusted Disney.

“They violated that trust, and they deserve to suffer.”

Do you agree? Watch:



  1. “For those who think this is a faith-based film, I saw the movie, and God is only mentioned once when Jim Caviezel, playing the part of Tim Ballard, is asked why he is trying to save these children. He says ‘Because God’s children are not for sale.'”

    Oooh. Yeah, right. So … if God had been mentioned, say, twice, (I mean yikes!) that would have totally delegitimized the film, right?

  2. For an hundreds years Hollywood (all inclusive term) has enjoyed the ravenous appetite of the unwashed masses for a good fantasy to take home, that would get them through their grueling lives, at least to the ‘company’s’ next offering, and they seemed to understand how fragile that profitable bubble was at least until the plandemic, but now I can’t, we can’t get past the person’s politics who is trying to make me believe they are who they are pretending to be. The bubble is gone never to return.

  3. For what it’s worth. Sound of Freedom is a great movie and double kudos to Jim Caviezel And his steadfast principals .

    As for Disney, it serves them right, but I have to admit, the Indy movie did not seem that woke at all to me and I feel it’s getting a bit of an unfair dig as compared to the resrt of the Disney garbage lately that truly deserves it garbage dumpster rating


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