Disney Theme Park Attendance Is Crashing Over Climate Change?


Inside the Magic dot net says climate change has severely impacted attendance at Disney’s Theme Park. How stupid do you have to be to believe that?

Fairy Godmother transvestite
They write:

Disney’s attendance has dropped substantially, but while there is worry about Bob Iger deceiving attendees and the area being a “ghost town,” the answer can also relate to something simpler: weather. While weather and climate change are inherently different, the impacts of climate change on Disney show in meteorological events.

Who wants to go to the theme park when it’s rained out? Why would you risk bringing the family to Disneyland Resort if there is smoke in the air from a fire? These events are getting more common, and the inability to plan for them is one huge way climate change impacts Disney.

A rainy summer in Florida is not unusual, just not the usual. They even want you to believe it without a doubt:

That results in diminished theme park attendance simply due to safety reasons. Climate change impacts Disney, without a doubt, and the impacts extend from Disneyland Paris to any Walt Disney Parks location across the globe.

They can’t know that. They even attribute the summer heat in Florida to climate change.

John Nolte deals with the issue at Breitbart, explaining that it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the grooming or the transvestite greeting people at the door. It’s a good article.


Disney replaced ‘fairy godmothers’ title at parks with gender-neutral ‘apprentices.’

Christopher Rufo exposed them with shocking internal footage of all the queerness they plan to add.

“The shocking footage also featured Disney Parks’ diversity and inclusion manager, Vivian Ware, saying the company has “removed all of the gendered greetings” at its theme parks. No more “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.” No longer will a little girl in a gown be greeted with “Hello, princess!” as my daughter had been so many times on our Disney World trips. Disney has been pushed to toe the leftist gender line, and it is doing just that,” Karol Markowicz wrote at the NY Post.

The LGBT ‘Parents dot com’ writes on its website: But Disney World is saturated with hetero-normal, cis themes of princesses and princes, and some experiences may be triggering if you’re planning a trip to Disney with a non-cis kid.

It’s not likely very many children know they are transgender at this age. Most have parents grooming them.

A lot of this grooming also comes from TikTok, a Chinese Communist Party app, but they don’t show these grooming videos to Chinese children.

But let’s blame the climate.



  1. I would just love to take my grandchildren to visit the transvestite fairy ‘god-mother’; NOT!!!
    Why would I want to to spend my money with them, it would be like paying the Devil.

  2. I guess you can say the “climate” has changed at Disney. They’ve been grooming kids for generations. Unfortunately many prefer the fame associated and end up with destructive lifestyles. Apparently Nickelodeon isn’t much better. Of course Hollywood has been perverted ever since the beginning but the Studios kept it under rap. Shirley Temple described some of it and quit.

  3. I suppose they can try to use climate change as the excuse for many things the NWO are tearing down. It’s a classic deflection – that the problems they caused are really caused by us.

    I know people who decided to not go there this year over the sexual perversions.

    That Minnie Mouse guy has a masculine voice, it would take a gullible person to purchase those expensive outfits.


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