Diversity Officers Are Getting Laid Off in Record Numbers


Good news on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) front. Companies are tightening staffing, and DEI officers are the first people let go.  This is all since Affirmative Action was turned back.

The following is a quick summary of a Wall Street Journal article behind a paywall.

NetflixDisney, and Warner Bros. Discovery recently reported that diversity, equity, and inclusion executives will leave their jobs. Thousands of diversity-focused workers have been laid off since last year, and some companies are scaling back racial justice commitments.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion—or DEI—jobs are disappearing since the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in college admissions. Companies are preparing for legal challenges.

“There’s a combination of grief, being very tired, and being, in some cases, overwhelmed,” says Miriam Warren, chief diversity officer for Yelp, of the challenges facing executives in the field. Warren says the fear that company commitments are imperiled fuels her and others to feel “more committed to the work than ever.” Yelp’s DEI budget has grown for the past five years.

There Is Resistance

In interviews, current and former chief diversity officers said company executives at times didn’t want to change hiring or promotion processes, despite initially telling CDOs they were hired to improve the talent pipeline.

That’s because it’s illogical to hire based on skin color or sexual preferences.

This is what happens when social engineers force people or companies to accept something that is antithetical to the mission.

The George Floyd riots brought about this revolution in DEI, but they’re the first to go as money tightens. These DEI officers were running hot, now they are being tossed.

DCOs (Chief Diversity Officers) are no longer limited to PR duties. Now they have to weigh in on new product development, marketing efforts, and current events that impact how workers and consumers are feeling. The job has changed.

The George Floyd riots led to the revolution in diversity hires. It was a knee-jerk reaction.

New analysis from employment data provider Live Data Technologies shows that chief diversity officers have been more vulnerable to layoffs than their human resources counterparts, experiencing 40% higher turnover. Their job searches are also taking longer.

I can’t think of a job companies need less. Some question the degree path they chose, and they should. Companies need to hire on merit, not subjective whims in line with the latest fads.


Who can forget the trainers! Remember Ashleigh Shackleford, a contributor (grifter) to Huffington Post. Ms. Shacklford describes herself as a queer, nonbinary Black fat femme writer, cultural producer, and artist. She has been a contributing writer at Wear Your Voice Magazine and For Harriet. As a fat hood feminist, Ashleigh is committed to centering ratchet politics, body acceptance, accessibility, and anti-respectability within her work as a creator, producer, and speaker.

Dressed in a stunning, low-cut, form-fitting bodysuit, she tells the white people in her training that they are racist” and born into not being human. They’re not human. Whites are “devils,” “demons,” and “inhuman,” she said.

What a scam this entire diversity thing is – it’s completely illogical. Ashleigh here is getting paid to be a racist and teach it to white people. It’s brilliant.

In case you don’t believe me, here is one of her clips, especially aimed at all you white demons out there.



  1. The article quotes a CDO from Yelp. A double-dose of useless; a useless person hired by a useless company. Yelp is a joke – they only allow bad reviews for businesses too small to fight back. But try writing a bad review on a large business that’s screwed you over – it will disappear quickly.

  2. and you are an ugly nasty animal so I guess that makes us even.
    can’t wait for the pig to die of a heart attack.
    cremate that disgusting thing and it’ll burn like a tire dump fire for months.

  3. DIE people just make up their own language, like those psychiatric studies of young twins who invent there own language that no one else can understand.

    • Words and superficial identities are all they’ve got. They don’t have the skills to create a sustainable society.

  4. DEI people are morally and ethically corrupt, logically deficient people, whose role is to make money hurting the corporations and employees.

  5. I guess the acronym should be changed to “DIE”. What happened. This was suppose to be sound economics. The companies were to reach greater prosperity with this method.

    • My employer often used the slogan that diversity is a “business imperative”. I interpreted it as if we don’t do it we get sued to bankruptcy. Hiring under qualified people helps operations?


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