DJT in NH: “We Skipped Over Socialism…Went Right to Communism”


President Trump spoke in Wolfeboro, NH, today.

Donald Trump said in New Hampshire today that in every single decision, he put America First. He addressed Biden’s incompetence and said Clinton is no longer relevant. Biden “can’t walk off a stage, can’t put two sentences together, and yet he’s negotiating with President Xi of China,”  Mr. Trump said accurately.

The former President said that he has taken in hundreds of billions of dollars from China, something other presidents did not do.

Biden’s a “corrupt politician, he’s grossly incompetent, and he’s the worst president in the history of our country,” he said without hesitation. He also did an impression of Joe Biden.

He told the people of New Hampshire that for decades, they have been “sold out, ripped off, and betrayed by the corrupt globalists.” He added that it’s never been worse than “under crooked Joe Biden and, frankly, his boss Barack Hussein Obama.”

Trump told the audience you know, “You were energy independent three years ago, soon to be energy dominant.” He vowed to cut gas and heating bills in half at least and promised to repeal Biden’s EV mandate on day one of his second term. Mr. Trump said child sexual mutilation will be banned, and gas-powered engines will be allowed.

He boasted of the NAFTA deal.

The former president said. “Can you imagine what Biden has done to us? The attack on Israel would never have happened, and the attack on Ukraine would never have happened under my administration.”

Mr. Trump stated we “skipped over socialism; we went right to communism.”

“When I was president, we had peace through strength. And now we have weakness, conflict, and chaos. We are in very grave danger of having a World War III, and this will be a war of obliteration, and we have a man [in charge who] can’t even walk off stage. When I am in the White House, the entire world will know that America’s strong, America safe, and that we are going to take proper care of our people.”

He called for the death penalty for drug traffickers.




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