DJT Will Reimpose a Travel Ban to Avoid Becoming France


On Friday, former President Donald Trump told a crowd in Iowa that he will reimpose a travel ban if re-elected so we don’t end up like France with nationwide riots.

Donald Trump in Iowa

“When I regain office, the travel ban will be reinstated, even more extensive and robust than before,” Trump declared during his speech. “We must prevent our shopping centers and cities from being targeted by acts of terrorism, and we won’t allow our farms to be pillaged. That simply won’t happen.”

“I had warned Macron about this inevitable situation during our first meeting,” he said.

On January 28, 2017, Trump implemented a travel ban against seven countries, some with Muslim populations associated with terrorism. The Trump administration revised the order, adding Venezuela and North Korea. The Supreme Court approved the ban in a 5-4 ruling.

“We must also intensify our efforts to ensure that those who come to America share our values and assimilate into our culture,” Trump said in Council Bluffs, Iowa. “We don’t want individuals entering our country who harbor hatred towards us; we desire those who love us.”


“Who would advocate for an open border, allowing the world to pour in and enable the influx of individuals with mental illnesses or convicted criminals into our nation? I mean, who would support that? How does it benefit us?”

Donald Trump took a lot of heat over the 2017 travel ban. The Left said he was banning a religion and brown people because he’s a racist.

Trump emphasized that he wants to ban people who will not assimilate and will end up rioting.

Donald Trump was cheered loudly upon entering a UFC 290 event this weekend. He walked in with Dana White and the crowd roared. He also spoke with the immensely popular Joe Rogan.



  1. Good neighbors do not invade. Good neighbors do not allow invasion. Good nations do not allow themselves to be invaded.

  2. More and more it is looking like there is no alternative to Trump as the leader America desperately needs.


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