DOJ, SEC Probe Elon Musk Over a Glass House or Is It Free Speech?


Manhattan federal prosecutors are investigating Elon Musk again, this time over X. Mr. Musk isn’t walking the walk, which puts him in danger of cancellation. However, the accusation is that he misused company funds.

The Southern District of New York (SDNY) is investigating the use of company funds on a secret project described internally as a house for Chief Executive Elon Musk. It is dubbed Project 42, and it’s going up in Texas.

The SDNY, now in the control of the Left, including Maureen Comey, wants to know what personal benefits Musk receives.

In July, The Wall Street Journal was the first to report that Tesla board members had investigated whether company resources were misused in the secret effort and whether Musk was personally involved. The outcome of Tesla’s internal investigation couldn’t be learned.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has also opened a civil investigation into Project 42 and is seeking similar information from the company, one of the people said.

The SDNY and SEC investigations are in their early stages and may not lead to formal allegations of wrongdoing.

Tesla didn’t respond to requests for comment on this story or the Journal’s previous reporting about Project 42. Spokesmen for the SEC and the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office declined to comment.

The Biden administration never stops investigating Elon Musk. His political leanings are the likely reason. The free speech he pushes cannot last under the regime Biden’s allies are setting up. However, this probe allegedly began with internal concerns.



  1. The DOJ is a crooked agency which threatens the continued existence of our republic. That is the agency which the crooked RINOs just gave a huge funding increase to. That is the agency which the crooked RINOs pretend to be investigating as they are rewarded with a huge new FBI headquarters.

    After the Sessions betrayal of this nation, and the frame operation against Trump he created, there is nothing to stop the DOJ from ruining the USA.


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