DOJ Threatens Rep. Jim Jordan As He Investigates the DOJ


Rep. Jim Jordan is probing the FBI’s role in the Jack Smith investigation of Donald Trump. On Thursday, he wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland raising questions about the FBI’s involvement in special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation. The DOJ responded by threatening Rep. Jordan.

The DOJ and FBI are completely out of control. They’re unelected bureaucrats.

Jordan’s letter came almost three weeks after special counsel John Durham released a report saying the FBI lacked “actual evidence” to investigate Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia and relied too heavily on tips provided from Trump’s political opponents to fuel the probe.

He included Durham’s key findings in the letter:
  • “The FBI did not possess any actual evidence of collusion before deciding to launch Crossfire Hurricane as a full investigation. The FBI appears to have disregarded this issue largely due to the personal and political biases against Donald Trump harbored by FBI personnel involved in the investigation.
  •  “The FBI failed to apply basic investigative techniques, appropriately assess the credibility of information it received, or adequately consider exculpatory evidence gathered during the investigation.
  •  “The FBI applied different standards for investigating information related to Donald Trump and information related to Hillary Clinton, rapidly opening an investigation into President Trump based on raw, uncorroborated information when it had not done so with Clinton.
  • “The FBI disregarded ‘highly significant intelligence it received from a trusted foreign source’ that the purported collusion at the heart of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation was a ploy by the Clinton campaign to divert attention away from Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on her private server while serving as Secretary of State.”

The DOJ responded with a threat:

“Mr. Jordan, as a potential defendant yourself, our policy is to not release evidence prior to issuing indictments. Thank you for your patience.”

They gave the usual excuse for not turning over a thing even though Congress has oversight over them.

“Disclosures to Congress about active investigations risk jeopardizing those investigations and creating the appearance that Congress may be exerting improper political pressure or attempting to influence Department decisions in certain cases.”

The threat was signed by Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte since Garland likes to keep his hands clean.



  1. “…as a potential defendant yourself,..”

    THAT ladies and gentlemen is every conservative American in the country…

  2. Why is the doj afraid do nothing Jordon they know he ain’t gonna stick it to them like he should ain’t gonna happen. Jordon is getting more and more like Lindesy Grahmnisty all blow and no go he is wasting time and tax payer money when nothing ever happens .I am fed up with the RINOs

  3. That poor little RINO coward Jordan is hiding under his desk. He has not scratched the surface of the major criminal scandals in the DOJ. He serves as an excellent prop for the RINOs, using his fake reputation to fool people as he does nearly nothing.

    He has no excuse, he has explicit Constitutional power of oversight, with several important options. And of course, the useless Jordan voted for the bill which gives the corrupt DOJ major funding increases.

    Jordan is the opposite of what he appears to be. Faux loves using him as a prop, the RINOs and Faux are in close coordination. Faux gets ratings, RINOs get PR.

  4. Not one person in the FBI, DOJ, Pentagon, Intel agencies has held a press conference demanding our border be secured and close Pandora’s Box, this year or next, whatever horrific plans 1,000’s of international terrorist, Chinese and Russians military will be unleashed and all those above know it’s coming because they ALL condoned it by not condemning it.

  5. The Deep State is out of Control and the Congress doesn’t care about The People. That doesn’t Leave The People many options.

    • I think the FBI and DOJ are doing a fantastic job. Finally looks like Trump is going to jail and Jordan may go too! Jordan is trying to obstruct an ongoing investigation.


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