DOJ Wants 33 Years for Enrique Tarrio Who Wasn’t in DC on Jan. 6


The corrupt, leftist Department of Justice recommended that Enrique Tarrio, an alleged January 6 conspirator, get 33 years in prison. He wasn’t even in DC on January 6. He was arrested the day before for allegedly burning a BLM banner at a church in December 2020. You can burn a US flag, but don’t dare burn a BLM or an LGBT flag. That’s the world Democrats have us living in now.

Mr. Tarrio, a leader of the Proud Boys, used to arrange prayer meetings, and Antifa would attack them, and a fight would follow. The left is doing the same thing to another black man arrested and imprisoned in Georgia, Harrison Floyd. He is the only one imprisoned.

Mr. Tarrio is a minority, and that’s one thing Leftist Democrats won’t tolerate – a minority who doesn’t abide by the narrative.

In addition to Mr. Tarrio, they recommended Joseph Biggs and Zachary Rehl get 30 years, Ethan Nordean 27 years and Dominic Pezzola 20 years.

The sentences are insane. These are life sentences that they give to murderers. In New York, the sentence for some murderers is three years.

Four of these men have already been behind bars and denied release under pretrial detention for 2 1/2 years.

These men were convicted of seditious conspiracy, a Civil War law that has nothing to do with the riot on January 6.

The sentencing scheduled for Wednesday was delayed by the prosecution with no reason given. However, it was later learned that Judge Kelly called in sick. Sentencing might take place on Friday.

Mr. Tarrio was hit with a superseding charge which claimed he was trying to transfer the government from Joe Biden to Donald Trump. It’s incredibly absurd.

This is worse than Stalinism; half the country thinks it’s fine. It is fine for them now, but they will rue the day when they become victims, and they will. If there’s no fairness and justice for one in the Justice system, there’s no freedom for any of us.

The man in the next clip makes me want to cry. We need to be united, and what he says is very meaningful.


I believe there’s a racial element involved. You’re not allowed to be black and be a Trump supporter. Mr. Tarrio is black. The Lefists also don’t want anyone to join militias, and the Proud Boys was a militia.

The indictment includes social media posts as evidence. It’s literally insane.

Big conservative names supported Mr. Tarrio, and this will be used to demonize them. That’s another reason they are likely after him.

There was no insurrection, and these men were not traitors. Some become violent and need to pay for that only.

I don’t believe Enrique Tarrio is a traitor who deserves to rot in jail for 33 years while Antifa and BLM have killed people, attacked the police, and burned down buildings to get their records expunged.

He is a martyr.



  1. That betraying RINO McCarthy and his gang of corrupt RINOs say and do nothing, because by definition, they are on the other side, there are no valid excuses.

    The RINO crooks just gave the DOJ a huge increase in funding. Ignore what they say, look at what they do.

  2. Note to Trump
    First 100 days in office:

    Track down, arrest, and punish severely
    all those involved in the treasonous, bogus J6 conspiracy,
    to deny citizens their Constitutional Rights.

    These efforts by members of congress and others
    meant to forward their leftist conspiracy to
    steal the 2020 election from Trump and
    install a leftist/marxist government.
    to destroy America as we had known it !


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