USD Share of Global Reserves & Trade Dropped Off a Cliff After Sanctions


Biden is destroying the United States at a rapid pace. America is losing partners every week and as a result more nations follow this new trend. De-dollarization is the end of US power. @JoeBiden is failing so miserably that the US cannot afford to let him finish his term.

~ Kit Dot Com

Egyptian officials announced they’re moving away from the dollar in trade with BRICS countries and instead will use the local currencies of major trade partners. Egypt’s decision to de-dollarize with BRICS came about because they have applied to join BRICS.

Iran’s President has reiterated his country’s interest in joining BRICS.

Twelve new countries may join the group this year.

France’s Macron asked for an invitation to the BRICS summit. The French president would be the first Western leader to sit in on the gathering of emerging economies.

The sanctions are destroying the United States. Zero Hedge reports the West is going to war with BRICS. They will fail.

Reuters reports that key African economies will abandon the dollar in trade with BRICS. They can pay in US dollars, which they have to borrow from the IMF, with severe conditions. They can also pay in Yuan, obtained from the BRICS bank without conditions. That is an easy decision.

The administration has weaponized the dollar and is continuing to do it. It’s not only about Russia. Biden is trying to use the weapon against countries not buying into his PRIDE insanity.

The yuan has replaced the dollar.



  1. It may seem impossible that the people in charge of the USA would want a weaker USA, but it is not that crazy, and here is why,

    first of all if they made the US economy crash they know it would eventually rebound, they know it would be temporary, and being rich people, they would not suffer or not suffer much from a temporary weak economy.

    so why would they want the US to go trough an economic crisis?

    well because in times of crisis when the populace are worried and feel vulnerable they are more likely to let the rulers do whatever they want…like they did during the covid…a large portion of the population was totally fine with authoritarian power and being told what to do, a lot of people became submissive like sheep going to the slaughterhouse.

    which means the rulers could impose changes that in normal times would be impossible to impose ( its the Cloward Piven strategy basically ) changes that benefit the ruling class…

    Another benefit of a temporary crisis is that this would cause some small or mid size businesses to go bakrupt or be close to bankrupcy, it would make stock value go down, so the rich people could buy them while they are at a low price and then after the crisis is resolved, they d make a lot of money ( some of that did happen during the covid; many small stores closed, while Amazon made more money than ever )

    Machiavellianism makes people do the strangest and most evil things…their ulterior motives are often hard to see at first.

    • But then again their thirst for more power may be their and the US downfall

      like Icarus who was too ” ambitious” and flew too close to the sun , the heat made the wax in his wings melt and he fell and he died…

      • I mean how sane or how rational can people who believe men can have babies be???

        People who should be in a mental institution are in charge of the country, and half of them should be in prison for their crimes.

  2. Meanwhile, back in DC, the Treasury is cranking out $1 Trillion in new US Treasuries to “refurbish its coffers” (with more borrowed money) after the news broke just last week that, “Over the past 12 months, the deficit totaled $2.1 trillion, a 50% increase from the 12-month deficit recorded a year earlier.” Link to full jaw-dropping article here:

    Other articles (one of them by the NY Times on June 8th, if you can believe it), are admitting the following:

    “Now, the Treasury is starting to build up its reserves and the coming borrowing binge could present complications that rattle the economy.
    The government is expected to borrow around $1 trillion by the end of September, according to estimates by multiple banks. That steady state of borrowing is set to pull cash from banks and other lenders into Treasury securities, draining money from the financial system and amplifying the pressure on already stressed regional lenders.”

    So my question is, regarding the article above, with the whole world running away screaming from the USD, who in heck do they think is going to buy their garbage? Can there possibly be enough stupid Americans to invest a trillion in a country that already sucked all of its own blood out of its veins?

    The US National Debt Clock webpage shows some eyepopping figures in this regard:

    Our current “US Total Interest Paid” is $3.753Trillion, and it has ratcheted up two million dollars just since I began composing this comment;Then there’s “US Debt Held By Foreign Countries,” which is simultaneously plummeting at least as fast as the interest we’re paying is skyrocketing.Check it out for yourselves. Just search

    There is no way out of this. None.

  3. For decades power hungry politicians and bureaucrats (deep state) have created enemies world wide. Most Americans had no idea the US government was so corrupted. These created enemies knew more about our government than the US populace because of media censorship funded by CIA Operation Mockingbird. We should not be mad or upset with our created enemies. We should clean up our government and leave the world alone and take care of business here at home.

    • “Amicus meus, inimicus inimici mei.” Nowadays, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

      An increasing majority of the nations in this world, big, small, and in between, who understand this ancient adage, are setting aside any differences they may have had with one another, in favor of consolidating against their common enemy. And it is us. The heck of it is, the treasonous Biden regime, along with the rest of the collective West, are the ones who have so masterfully driven them into one another’s arms. And does the West understand what they have done? Not at all! To the contrary, they’re still convinced of their own invincibility.

      Meanwhile, the bonds that are being forged by all these other nations, against us, are not going to be broken by any new administration. The United States and too many of the other vainglorying Western nations, have put them through too much, for too long. The line has been crossed, and we will bear the consequences … on every imaginable front.

      • Excellent Assessment!

        Our enemy within USA is the “same” enemy those countries are uniting against which is our government and the deep state. It’s almost farcical when you think about it.

        Likewise the enemies of our government and deep state are friends to We The People if they help take down our corrupt government and deep state. It boggles the mind what is happening. They don’t want war or forced do anything they don’t want to do anymore than we want to be subjugated.


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