Dominion Voting Machine Farce – Going Bankrupt After Getting $787M?


As reported, the Halderman report is out, which details all the ways the Dominion machines could be hacked. The information was hidden until now by Judge Totenberg, a far-left judge whose sister Nina Totenberg writes for the far-left at NPR.

Halderman’s report was hidden because it shows the election could be hacked, but he also claims there is no evidence the machines were breached. Some of the flaws he cites would make it very difficult to detect, and we don’t know how hard he tried to detect hacking.

Halderman concluded there were “multiple severe security flaws.”

For some reason, Fox News settled with the company for $787 million because the hosts talked about how the machines could be hacked. The company is only worth $70 million, and the CEO claimed they would go bankrupt because of 2020 lies. this company didn’t deserve a dime. Conveniently, the report was released after they got their huge settlement from Fox News.

They just got $787 million. I’d like to see their offshore accounts.

Oh, and about those security flaws? They can’t be fixed until 2025, after the presidential election. But we’re sure no one will hack them.


Emerald Robinson wrote angrily on substack that she will expose “right-wing influencers and Fox News fraudsters” who for “three years” called people (like Robinson) “too extreme and election deniers and wackos and lots of other words that need not be repeated here.

Without apology, they are now taking up the hacking issue.

“I will never forget the people who called me after the 2020 election and told me to drop the issue of election fraud,” Robinson said. “I will never forget the list of people who stopped talking to me because they thought I was “totally nuts.” The names will surprise you. I will tell you some of those names in due time.”

We can’t wait to hear about who they are.



  1. In an election where over 155 Million American voted, and the winner was determined by only 300,000 votes in 6 states, it is interesting – to say the least – that every freakin judge “magically” found a reason to either not look at the evidence or say there was no fraud.

    This long-ish article ( link at bottom ) explains how a few of those cases were dismissed by judges that were obviously extremely corrupt.

    Here are a few excerpts but the article is full of other such examples where the crooked judges manufactured reasons to NOT look at the evidence.

    ” … First of all, we can recognize that many of the cases produced no useful information relative to election integrity. We learned nothing from a lawsuit dismissed by a state judge in Georgia (Boland v. Raffensperger) on the basis that the plaintiff had sued an “improper party” rather than hearing the merits of why the ballot rejection rate allegedly dropped from 1.53 percent in 2018 to 0.15 percent in the 2020 general election. …”

    ( not looking at the evidence does not prove there was no fraud )

    ” … Similarly, a Trump lawsuit in Michigan (Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. v. Benson) alleging state law was violated by the failure to allow access by observers, and seeking to stop counting, was ruled moot since it was not filed until 4:00 p.m. on Nov. 4, after votes were counted. …”

    ( again, not looking at the evidence does not prove there was no cheating )

    ” … At times, judges resorted to Clintonian wordsmithing to relieve a word of its recognized meaning. A state Supreme Court judge in Pennsylvania was tasked with reviewing the eligibility of 2,349 mail-in ballots that were purportedly defective according to the state Election Code (Ziccarelli v. Allegheny County Board of Elections).

    In the court’s decision, he noted “We agree with the Campaign’s observation that…the General Assembly set forth the requirements for how a qualified elector may cast a valid absentee or mail-in ballot … We further agree that these sections of the Election Code specifically provide that each voter ‘shall (emphasis added) fill out, date, and sign’ the declaration on the outside envelope. We do not agree with the Campaign’s contention, however, that because the General Assembly used the word ‘shall’ in this context, it is of necessity that the directive is a mandatory one …” …”

    ( very corrupt judge…devoid of a conscience )

    A judge refused to look at evidence in one case because it was filed a couple days too late and another judge refused to look at evidence in a case that was filed too early !!!

    Those corrupt judges could be on a Saturday Night Live Skit so absurd all this is !

    The article does not go trough all the 50 or so cases but it is fascinating ( or actually horrifying ) that every freakin judge fabricated reasons to either not look at the evidence or claim there was no fraud when there was.

    So when a leftist or the MSM tell you that in all 50 cases they lost, that is false…refusing to look at evidence does not mean you failed to prove fraud…Not one of the cases was lost, each case was twisted fraudulently by all of those very corrupt judges.


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