Donald Trump Answers the Question: Where Is Melania?


People have been asking where Melania is. Some claim, without any evidence, that she is angry with him over mentioning their son publicly and might divorce him.

A while back, someone flew a banner over the Iowa State Fair asking, “Where’s Melania?” Why anyone would do that, I cannot say.

In a wide-ranging interview with Kristen Welker of NBC News, Donald Trump was asked about it.

Former President Donald Trump with wife and former First Lady Melania Trump

On Thursday, Trump expressed his anticipation that Melania may join him on the campaign trail in the near future.

“We’ll see her on the trail soon?” Kristen Welker, the host of “Meet the Press,” posed to the former president.

“Yes. Soon? Yeah, pretty soon. When it’s appropriate, but pretty soon,” Trump answered. “She’s a private person, a great person, a very confident person, and she loves our country very much.”

“And honestly, I like to keep her away from it. It’s so nasty and so mean,” Trump explained.

Despite what the naysayers tell you, Donald Trump is a gentleman.

The interview will air on Sunday’s Meet the Press.  Joe Biden was offered the same opportunity.



  1. I just saw a very interesting YouTube short video that is probably closer to the truth than anything the liberal ass clowns are posting or flying in the air… While I cannot find it to repost it, the upshot was Melania has little faith things are going to change as she thinks the Dems will cheat again in 2024.

    • Gateway Pundit has been posting several articles about how the left perfected cheating. One particular group, New York Citizens Audit, has found the algorithm in the data they received from NY through FOIA. Add to that, the new digital, paperless voting machines coming to New York and bam, the left can’t lose.


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