Donald Trump Speaks Before the Trial He Was Predetermined to lose


Donald Trump is in Manhattan civil court today on the fraud case brought by Letitia James, New York’s attorney general. The judge in the case found Donald Trump guilty of fraud and agreed that his property could be confiscated and likely sold. The judge has ordered all of the Trump organization taken from Donald Trump and his family and put under the control of someone he chooses. Donald Trump and his family could lose everything and be banned from doing business in New York. Today, the judge will look at the other claims.

James claims she proved fraud last week with her friendly judge, but the information she provided vastly undervalued the Trump property. These people plan to take everything.

The case was rushed in such a way as to give the former president no time to properly appeal. They want to steal everything he owns in New York and possibly anything that the companies own outside of New York.

The trial follows the judge’s decree and rests on the testimony of serial liar Michael Cohen. Cohen is not just a liar. He’s a convicted liar.

Donald Trump spoke outside the court this morning. The following is a rushed transcript.

Trump began, [They have it, so] “the properties are worth a tiny fraction of what they actually [are worth]. We have a racist attorney general, who’s a horror show, who ran on the basis that she was going to get Trump before she even knew anything about me. She used this to run for governor. She failed in her attempt to run for governor…she had virtually no following… she came back, and she said, ‘Well, now I’ll go back to get Trump again.’ And this is what we have.

“This scam is a sham. Just so you know, my financial statements are phenomenal. They’re actually less in terms of the numbers used than the actual network. The actual network is substantially more. No bank was affected — no bank was hurt. They don’t even know why they have to be involved, and they’ve so testified… they can’t believe that they’re involved because they were paid back.

“There were no defaults… there were no problems, and I was like the perfect client. In the meantime, people are being murdered all over the sidewalks of New York.

“There were no victims here. The banks were represented by the best, biggest, most prestigious law firms in the state of New York, actually in the country. Some of the biggest names, law firms in all cases, the biggest and best law firms that’s represented them. The banks got back their money. Again, there was never a default …there was never a problem. Everything was perfect… there was no crime. “The crime is against me because we have a corrupt District Attorney, corrupt attorney general, and it all comes down from the DOJ that totally coordinates in Washington because I’m leading, I’m the leading candidate – I’m leading Biden by 10 points, and I’m leading the Republicans by 50 and 60 points.

“…this has to do with election interference, plain and simple, they’re trying to damage me so that I don’t do as well as I’m doing in the election. Our country’s going to hell. We have a country that’s in decline, serious decline; we have a man running our country who has no clue. … you know it better than anybody because you have to cover them what they’ve done with open borders, what they’ve done with interest rates and taxes. It’s a disgrace. So what we have here is an attempt to hurt me in an election.

“… this never happened before where the president of the United States leaves an office and gets indicted, and the reason I got indicted was that I ran. If I didn’t run, I’d be sitting right now at a beach like Biden does every time, even though he’s supposed to be working.

“So very simply put, it’s a witch hunt– it’s a disgrace we have a corrupt attorney general in the state. You see how she does this. How I was railroaded and [they] fast-tracked this trial. It could have been brought years ago, but they waited until I was right in the middle of my campaign.”

Tish James is not well-respected.

Jason Miller spoke with the press.



  1. Trump is a real man and leader, to boldly condemn the proceedings and people involved as he enters the court.

    The rulings made will be overturned. Despite incredible corruption in our nation, a higher court, maybe the supreme court, will overturn the rulings. Judges will find it far too embarrassing to sign on to this, to steal someone’s property so visibly.


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