Donald Trump Warns the Striking UAW Workers to Fight EVs


UAW negotiators have spent several months in talks with the three leading automakers, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Stellantis, to establish new employment agreements. The union requested salary increases, extended paid leave, and better benefits. One of their more ridiculous demands is a 32-hour, 4-day workweek.

One of the issues involves pay rates and hours as the industry shifts to electric vehicles. EVs require fewer workers than gas-powered cars.

Former President Donald Trump, writing on Truth Social, said:

“The all Electric Car is a disaster for both the United Auto Workers and the American Consumer. They will all be built in China, and they are too expensive, don’t go far enough, take too long to charge, and pose various dangers under certain atmospheric conditions. If this happens, the United Auto workers will be wiped out, along with all other auto workers in the United States. The all Electric Car policy is about as dumb as Open Borders and No Voter I.D. IT IS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISASTER!”

Last week, he called it an “idiotic policy” of Joe Biden’s.

On September 4, on Truth Social, Trump wrote:

“Shawn Fain, the respected President of the United Auto Workers, cannot even think about allowing ALL ELECTRIC CARS – THEY WILL ALL BE MADE IN CHINA, and the Auto Industry in America will cease to exist! There is already a giant ‘E GLUT,’ they don’t go far or long, are very expensive, and the consumer must be given a CHOICE.”

CNBC reported that former President Donald Trump warned that U.S. autoworkers’ jobs will move to China and accused the United Auto Workers’ leadership of failing its members. Speaking with NBC’s Kristen Welker, Trump said, “The autoworkers will not have any jobs, Kristen, because all of these cars are going to be made in China. The electric cars, automatically, are going to be made in China.”

Trump specifically criticized UAW President Shawn Fain. “I think he’s not doing a good job in representing his union,” he said. “The autoworkers are being sold down the river by their leadership, and their leadership should endorse Trump,” added the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in a wide-ranging interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Kristen Welker.

Donald Trump’s predictions often come true, and this is a logical prediction. China controls the minerals and the slave labor required to make EVs affordable.

Modern automatic automobile manufacturing workshop. A busy car production line.

Approximately 13,000 U.S. autoworkers stopped making vehicles and went on strike following failed negotiations.

It’s the first time the UAW led three major automakers to strike simultaneously.

Biden’s Response:

Fain has previously said that a second Trump presidency would be a “disaster.” But he has also withheld his endorsement of President Joe Biden.

Speaking from the White House on Friday, Biden said he hopes all parties are able to strike “a win-win agreement.”

“The companies have made some significant offers,” Biden said, adding, “But I believe they should go further to ensure record corporate profits mean record contracts for the UAW.”

Biden said he also respects the right of workers to “use their options under the collective bargaining system.”



  1. Instead of extra benefits, the union workers should listen to Trump. EV’s not only cut jobs, but they may actually destroy the manufacturing companies like Ford. Where will those works them get jobs?
    Pensioners. what could it mean to your pension if Ford goes belly up?


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