Donald Trump Won’t Appear at Any Debate


Former President Trump will not debate. Joe Biden won’t debate either. Perhaps they will debate with each other if they are candidates.

What do you think?

Donald Trump is getting a lot of criticism as arrogant, but Donald Trump feels he’s so far ahead in the polls he doesn’t see the point. DJT is fifty – sixty points ahead, and they’ll just insult him. The moderators would be awful.

What say you?

Is anyone going to watch the Monday debate? Or are you going to watch the Tucker-Trump interview?

The following obviously is a joke, but not that far from the truth.



  1. Faux News has no credibility as an election source.

    It’s not a debate, it is a manipulative show, with crafted questions that do not cover the issues. Martha and Bret have nothing to offer.

  2. Trump doesn’t need to debate. Everybody knows what he stands for. Why should he stand up there and be a punching bag for that gaggle of losers who will appear on stage. Its a smart move because when the losers criticize him, they will look like cowards bashing someone who isn’t even there.

    • The corrupted Main sewer Stream fake Media will still, abhorrently as usual, make up their own ‘stories’, disguised as fact, to keep their unsufferable idiotic and moronic ‘adherents’ who are indoctrinated and/or brainwashed beyond redemption, happily contented in their ‘ignorance’…

      • Yes! If you haven’t heard they claim Trump is too old and would be too stressed by debating. Interesting since Biden hide in his basement.


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