Donald Trump’s Attorneys Want to Meet with Merrick Garland


Donald Trump’s attorneys have requested a meeting with US attorney general Merrick Garland over the “unfair,” “baseless,” and “outrageous” investigation by special counsel Jack Smith.

Meanwhile, the Bidens are blatantly corrupt and what is being done?

It is outrageous. No one is investigating Joe Biden’s misuse of documents in the way Donald Trump is investigated and Trump was allowed to declassify. Biden, as vice president, was not allowed to declassify or bring confidential documents home.

The FBI refuses to turn over evidence of Biden corruption. Americans are getting sick of the corruption.

The radical left special counsel is also looking into whether Donald Trump fomented rebellion on January 6th. There is no connection between him and those who rioted on J6. There was no insurrection. And Donald Trump told them to march peacefully.



  1. It doesn’t matter if President Trump “fermented” rebellion as President of the United States. The ONLY Constitutional remedy is for the Congress to Impeach the President while in Office. The Democrats took their shot and missed. The Executive Privilege and Qualified Immunity of the President is absolute and only subject to Impeachment which is why a President does not need to pardon himself. President’s routinely take actions that would be Totally Illegal for a Mere Mortal, like ordering the Murder of Someone who he alone deems to be a threat to the Country. Without Executive Privilege and Total Qualified Immunity, a President could not function!


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