Donald Trump’s D.C. Trial Date Set for Brazen Election Interference


How do you look at these corrupt trials in New York City and D.C., and upcoming Fulton County, and not see election interference? Jack Smith set the D.C. trial for January 2nd, thirteen days before the Iowa Caucus.

This is timed, and it is brazen interference.

The Fulton County case will be announced after the next Biden Crime Family revelation. Perhaps after Hunter’s business partner Eric Schwerin testifies. Just a guess.

The trial and the defense of Donald Trump are based on a deception that lying is a crime. In a twisted explanation of the alleged crime, Jack Smith said lying is permitted, but Donald Trump went too far and lied to the point of creating a conspiracy. Lying isn’t a conspiracy no matter how much Jack Smith tries to say it is.

Since lying isn’t a crime, if Donald Trump even did lie, there is no predicate for the trial, and the defense is even ridiculous. There is no crime.




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