A Witch Led Donald Trump’s First Grand Jury


Screenshot of Emily Kohrs joking smirking acting weird through her bizarre media tour

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who won the election on a campaign to get Trump, has had several grand juries investigating Donald Trump and a number of his allies. He was indicted by the final one today. However, the first grand jury was a special grand jury that could make recommendations but could not indict.

The self-identified witch forewoman of the Fulton County special grand jury investigation of Donald Trump and several of his allies is a self-identified witch. She was gleeful about recommending criminal charges against them.

That’s probably how witches are.

Today, the weaponized DOj announced that they indicted Donald Trump for several felonies. We don’t know which ones. Earlier today, charges were published online briefly, seemingly before the grand jury returned any indictments.

This strange Miss Kohrs who was chosen to lead the grand jury gave weird, unprofessional interviews after they concluded their deliberations.

The grand juries are comprised of all or mostly all Democrats. Mr. Trump can’t get a fair hearing in Fulton County, D.C., or N.Y.

Kohrs is a good example of who will judge Donald Trump.

Here’s more of Emily the Witch after CNN piled a pound of makeup on her face.

The Big Lie Upon Which This Case Was Built

The Left continuously misrepresents what Donald Trump said to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. He didn’t suggest Raffensperger find 11,000 illegal votes.

He preceded the request with a breakdown of where the illegal votes might be found. No one is mentioning that. All they say is he told Secretary of State Raffensperger to find 11,000 votes.

Roger Stone read every word of the transcript and reported what Donald Trump actually said: “You have already inadvertently counted 11,870 illegal votes.” 5,500 of them were convicted felons; another 1,100 were people who were no longer alive, and so on. He breaks it down, and “when you throw those out, I would win,” that’s what he’s saying. There’s nothing illegal there; there’s nothing improper there!”

Raffensperger is a corrupt snake for allowing this lie to be told over and over. He reportedly has financial ties to China. That wouldn’t be surprising.



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  3. The ‘Scum of the Earth’ and the inmates of the asylum ARE currently “running” AND “ruining” America…emboldened and abetted by a compromised, propagandist “media” and aided by a clownish ‘judiciary’…


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