Dr. Ron Paul on Fearmongering Over COVID, Now Climate


Dr. Ron Paul explained during a recent interview that the fearmongering over COVID and climate are exactly the same thing.

Ron Paul was recently interviewed, and the host began by talking about all the propaganda over the pandemic. Hospitals were overrun, you couldn’t get your cancer treatment, come back later, you couldn’t get normal medical procedures. Videos of nurses dancing in unison and singing stupid songs made people wonder what was going on.

Now we’re seeing the same thing happening with climate change. The same nurses are doing the same dumb songs and dances for climate change. The host said he was going to share the clip of the nurses, but he lost IQ points just watching it.

He’s right about losing IQ points, but here it is. They are called the “famous TikTok nurses,” which is entirely made up. They’re infamous maybe.


Dr. Ron Paul said, “I was asking which one is worse?  The distortion about, you know, the mandates for COVID or the climate change people.

“They’re exactly the same thing. It’s the manipulation of public opinion to try to convince people that you better be scared because you need us. You need the real sciences. You don’t need a real science. Science doesn’t work. We have to give up on science so we have to do the other things, … and, you know, people have to be scared first. I still hear it from people,“ Paul continued.

Dr. Ron Paul

“You think [people] should be intelligent enough [to know] that there’s something fishy going on here but, no… they’ll say that maybe they are not perfect, but somebody has to protect us against …these viruses and do all these things.

And they’re protecting us against all the enemies around the world, as we manufacture the enemies,” Dr. Paul said.

“We create the enemies…. Watch the clip for the rest.

To be fair, not always. Some enemies come for us, but he makes good points.



  1. The goal of anarchists is not anarchy, but to drive people to seek changes that match the anarchists true goal tyrannical government with them in control.
    Break down society so people are desperate enough to seek a controlling tyrant as their leader.
    In a sense it was Hitler’s approach and was used.


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