Dr. Turley: Biden Will Be Indicted on Multiple Felonies


Dt. Steven Turley believes Joe Biden will be indicted on multiple felonies. He also believes the IRS scandal could bring down the entire deep state.

Turley predicts Biden will be indicted for multiple felonies, and the entire Biden family and Deep State will go down.

He cites Victor Davis Hanson who said Biden will be indicted. More than that, he thinks Hanson’s point on the IRS scandal bringing down the deep state has merit.

He contends that people know Hunter schemed to hide illicit activities and they know Joe Biden was complicit. Turley reviews the evidence in the clip. This is despite the Marxist media. Turley said Hanson’s main point is that an increasing number of people are finding out about the IRS also having different rules for Americans than for the Bidens. Hanson believes that now that it has reached the IRS, an institution we all have to deal with, millions of Americans could revolt.

Turley explains the logic:

You can have corruption in the Justice Department, but … it’s still pretty far removed from the average American. But every American has to pay taxes… Every taxpaying American has to deal with the IRS right? … not until now has the IRS itself ever been under a shadow of such corruption as per the IRS whistleblower on Hunter Biden.

We now know that the IRS had in its possession a WhatsApp text message for all to see between Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist party official that claimed that Joe Biden was in the room when Hunter was sending it. And it was a threat that if this Chinese official didn’t come up with millions of dollars and send it to Hunter, that Joe would get even.

The IRS knew about Joe and Hunter’s illicit financial activities and Hanson’s point here is that an increasing number of Americans are finding out about this, and he ends up asking the simple question — has the IRS ever applied so blatantly, deliberately, and explicitly one standard of tax enforcement to the elite while at the same time applying quite another to everyday America?

If any one of us had ever been found sending out text messages like that, we’d be in court. The IRS would be down our throats, but here’s the problem. If a critical mass of Americans come to believe that charge of unequal treatment and tax compliance were indeed true, then Humpty Dumpty-like, the entire American system of revenue collection would shatter.”

Turley quoted the statistics that the majority of voters think Biden is corrupt. More will come around as more information gets out.

What do you think of that possibility? Could the IRS scandal bring down the deep state bureaucracy of corruption?

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  1. This is all attention getting silliness from the weakling sophists Turley and Hanson.

    Turley got this idea from Hanson? Hanson is educated in classics, hardly a place for logical people. Hanson deals in providing false hope, to get an audience on Faux and book sales. He is in alliance with the RINOs, who are constant purveyors of false hope. He never admitted the 2020/2022 elections were stolen. His statements can easily be critically dissected by anyone paying attention.

    This is an unprecedented scandal for the IRS? That is obviously wrong. We had a huge scandal 10 years ago, with Lois Lerner and the entire operation illegally going after conservatives. No one was prosecuted despite rock solid evidence and criminal referrals. When that betrayer Sessions threw out the referrals, a decision he made himself, Hanson and Turley did not question it, demonstrating their lack of credibility.

    Massive scandals hit the doj the past few years, and nothing was done. This further weakens the “argument” Turley and Hanson make. Corrupt DC is more powerful than ever. The voters will act? Not with the nationwide election crime network in place, which Turley and Hanson refuse to acknowledge.

    All I see from these 2 cowards is self serving speculation with lots of adjectives attached. Beware of guidance from people out to mislead you.

    • Well stated, but you refer to Hansen and Turley as purveyors of “hope,” which it is not, It is the most malign of misinformation cleverly designed to make many patriots believe that the current institutions will protect the  Republic  can be reformed to save it from the Obiden Junta, the organized crime family that masquerades as the Democratic Party with many RINOS among their members.
      Polls look promising for Trump but the Obiden Junta doesn’t  give a hoot because they count the votes and can deliver whatever it takes to keep Biden or some other mob chieftain in the White House or is it the Crackhouse? . They are not going to give up their stranglehold on the US’s $7 Trillion budget. They Are organized and greased to the hilt with money looted from the treasury in a 1000 different schemes. The only thing that they have changed since 2020 is they have more money, more control over the courts and law enforcement, and an ever greater control over the election process, and an even greater pile of cash. The Crime Family has stuffed the federal government with their members and ordered them to use its full force to ensure they remain in power. The crime family’s power is overwhelming. We have to face a fact, and that is that our nation and ourselves are in the firm grip of an organized crime syndicate and they are not going to let go. Elections no longer  count.They are just allowed as a show of legitimacy.

  2. The “media”(???) has been running ‘interference’ for the ‘political felons’ for over fifty years…

  3. Neither Biden or his family will be arrested for any crimes. The American justice system is on his side. If anything, Joe will go peacefully in his sleep and then someone will take his place as he’s sent off to hell as if he was an American hero. Trump when President couldn’t even bring himself to prosecute Hillary. He just let her go. The deep state rules and Americans will sit there and take whatever grief the government gives them. These people who pop up offer false hope to citizens who are tired from constantly being screwed by bad people. For me, seeing is believing. My mother in law would say, shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one gets filled first.


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