Dramatic Footage of Artillery Damage in a ‘Captured’ Russian Village


Ukrainian social media tells us that Zelensky’s army has re-captured key villages in former Eastern Ukraine, now Russia. Journalist Patrick Lancaster traveled to the front lines in some of these villages to see if that’s actually happening. The Left questions his credentials and says he is pro-Russia.

Photos of Ukrainians claiming they captured Russian villages are showing up in Western mainstream media, such as the BBC. It appears reporters are taking the clips from Ukrainian sites but not going into the areas themselves to investigate. Clayton Morris sent an independent journalist into one of these villages “captured” by Ukrainians to see what was going on.

Reporter Patrick Lancaster went to a “captured” village where the Ukrainians claimed control. In fact, they are not in control. Russia’s in control, he says.

Ukrainian soldiers were set up in residential homes with NATO weaponry, some of which they were told to not use. They destroy the civilian homes, but they are not in charge and haven’t captured the villages that Mr. Lancaster visited, he said.

According to the video, Ukrainians  could be setting up mines in the middle of residential streets in these Russian civilian villages.

Western media is taking published Ukrainian photos of a handful of soldiers holding a flag claiming they are in charge and publishing them as fact, but they are untrue. According to Clayton Morris and his wife, they’re meant to make people feel good.

via Clayton Morris

Correction: I updated the language to make it clear The reporting is from Redacted, not me.



  1. Patrick has interviewed scores of residents in numerous towns and villages that testified how Ukrainian soldiers deliberately fired on occupied houses, shot individuals, mined residential areas where no Russian forces had been.

    I bet once this is all over the West will make every effort to stifle any investigation. There is far too much evidence against Ukraine in any “War Crimes” investigation. Russia has not been the aggressor. They only entered when those in the Donbass begged for Putin’s help. In many interviews residents have asked, “where has he been since 2014”. The West has entered into conflicts in many countries on the same premise. Far too many in the West have fallen for a caricature of a man that bears no resemblance of the actual person. These people should, instead, look at the history of Russia from the 90’s to today.

  2. How do we know this story is true and the others are false? This is just more “news” and nothing about this or the photos is proof of anything. Where I’m at is, RUSSIA INVADED UKRAINE. Not the other way around. Russia is the aggressor, Russians have committed atrocities everywhere they went, I will never forget the video of the Russian tank going out of it’s way to run over the top of a small civilian car with an old man in it.

    If this is really Ukrainian propaganda, then stop screwing with it and back them up anyway. I don’t care if you don’t like the government, the PEOPLE of Ukraine never deserved this $hit.

    • Propaganda Works! That wasn’t a Russian tank running over a car. First of all it wasn’t a tank but a Strela-10 air defense system. The driver wasn’t paying attention and that incident occurred as a result. Besides, Russians weren’t even IN Kiev. In several videos, the Ukrainian soldiers nearby do not attack the armoured vehicle after it runs over the car, nor does the vehicle flee.

  3. If Biden has a deal in which Zelensky sends back one percent of one percent of the money the US sends.

    and if so far the USA has sent ; $150,000,000,000

    it means Biden has received ” under the table” ; $15,000,000

    1% x 1% x 150,000,000,000 = 15,000,000

    It would explain why Biden is so enthusiastic about sending so many billions to Ukraine, why making the war last longer benefits some people…

    Maybe Zelensky also gets a share…


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