Eagle Pass and the New Americans


Randy Clark, former Border Patrol agent and author at Breitbart reported that Biden’s “Build Back Better” is working at an enormous cost! More processing centers, more buses procured, and larger NGO release shelters to move migrants into the U.S. quicker and with less fanfare.

Democrats are talking about immigration reform, which means amnesty.

Mr. Clark tweeted: “When a politician says “immigration reform,” it means amnesty. Plain and simple. The rest of the world knows this already. That’s why the most significant surges in illegal immigration surround the timeframe of any serious effort to reform immigration.

“Example, the previous annual record for illegal entries in 1986 that Biden broke three years in a row. The 1986 Immigration REFORM and control act was amnesty and it makes folks rush the border. Biden encouraging migrants to “surge the border” as a candidate works the same way too!”

Look at what goes on all day and night at one area of our border. They take a train and then walk 25 miles to the border in Eagle Pass. Why are our politicians doing nothing? The people coming in are mostly single men of military fighting age.

Mr. Clark said it is outpacing the Haitian migrant crisis in Del Rio in 2021. The large groups of 1100 to 1500 at a time are mostly males.

The United States was such a nice country, but the figures out now say nearly 10 million unvetted anonymous people from all over the world have come in under Biden. Six million at the border, 1.5 million gotaways, and another 1.5 million sneaking in and not being caught.

This is a planned destruction to turn us into a one-party authoritarian state. Don’t doubt me on this.

Elon Musk is in Eagle Pass. He’s doing more than our so-called president.



  1. Rush Limbaugh’s decades-long theme song was “My City Was Gone” (The Pretenders – October 1982 – forty-one years ago this month).

    Everybody knows the music, but not everybody might know the lyrics. Here they are. How painfully prophetic for Rush to have chosen this, for it would take just a few name changes throughout these words, and it would now be “My Country Was Gone” …

    I went back to Ohio
    But my city was gone
    There was no train station
    There was no downtown
    South Howard had disappeared
    All my favorite places
    My city had been pulled down
    Reduced to parking spaces

    Ay, oh, way to go, Ohio

    Well, I went back to Ohio
    But my family was gone
    I stood on the back porch
    There was nobody home
    I was stunned and amazed
    My childhood memories
    Slowly swirled past
    Like the wind through the trees

    Ay, oh, way to go, Ohio

    I went back to Ohio
    But my pretty countryside
    Had been paved down the middle
    By a government that had no pride
    The farms of Ohio
    Had been replaced by shopping malls
    And Muzak filled the air
    From Seneca to Cuyahoga Falls

    Yep. “My Country Was Gone.” Gone … because WE ALL threw it away.


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