Elderly Pro-Lifers Convicted by a D.C. Jury, Face 11 Years in Prison


There is opinion in this article.

Two elderly women, Jean Marshall, 73, of Kingston, Mass., and Joan Bell, 74, of Montague, NJ, along with Jonathan Darnel, 41, of Arlington, Va., were convicted for obstructing access to an abortion clinic in Washington, D.C.

Jean Marshall and Joan Bell. Do you feel safer with them off the street?

The Good Catholic Joe Biden must be thrilled to see them off the street.

The verdict is shocking even for D.C. Our capital is rife with hardcore leftists, and they end up on the jury. The judges are mostly extreme left.

On October 22, 2020, the defendants allegedly conspired to blockade the clinic. This was described as blocking reproductive health services, in other words, abortions. Matthew Graves, the prosecutor who took this case, described it as a conspiracy.

They traveled to DC to participate in the blockade, orchestrated by another co-conspirator and broadcast on Facebook.


The two 70-year-olds face a life sentence. They face 11 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $350,000 for wanting to protect life.

It’s amazing how quickly our country has become tyrannical under Democrat rule. Soon, the justice that we see in DC will be throughout the country, yet criminals will be put out on the streets with no bail, along with anonymous foreigners from around the world.

US attorney Matthew Graves announced the convictions, a felony conspiracy against rights, and a FACE Act offense.

They blockaded two clinic doors. Usually, these are misdemeanors, and the culprits are briefly arrested.

The FACE Act of 1994 was put into effect by Bill Clinton. The acronym stands for the freedom of access to clinic entrances. It wasn’t meant to persecute elderly people. Yet, when radical leftist groups fire-bombed pro-life facilities, nothing was done. We are dealing with a two-tiered system in which a Soviet-like leadership wins every time.

What harm is done by a temporary blockade? This is a political persecution.

None of this is normal or just.



  1. These are the type things fiction writers talk about when thy write fictional accounts of a coming civil war.
    Such a horror is what anarchists dream of causing. They want civilizaton destroyed so they can rebuild it as they want it.

  2. It’s about interrupting the supply chain. Nobody messes with the Glob. Big money made an example of them.

    Why do people even go to work to support this? Take a year off and starve out the system. Barter.
    Let the corrupt fend for themselves. Then mop up.

    Oh right, everybody is a debt slave.
    Back to work. You can have no opinion.


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