Elite Polish ‘Volunteers Are Participating in Raids Into Russian Villages


Michael Tracey wrote an article for Newsweek warning that the US government is systematically deceiving the American people about the nature of US involvement in Ukraine. Tracey claims the deception keeps getting more and more extreme.

Polish soldiers are now participating in offensive ground incursions into Russia. They call themselves the “Polish Volunteer Corps,” says independent reporter Michael Tracey in an op-ed in Newsweek.

It is a fact. They are publicly boasting about it. Other NATO members are doing the same thing. Tracey asks, what is our policy in Ukraine? Did anyone sign off on this? Americans didn’t know Poland would be involved in the ground war.

As Tracey points out, all we hear in the media are platitudes and rhetorical flourishes about the war between good and evil. It’s “a lower-level Marvel movie.”

The Polish NATO Fighters

These Polish volunteers aren’t some ragtag group, as Tracey says, , a Polish journalist explained that they are an elite “sabotage and reconnaissance” force—which from the get-go was “reporting directly to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.” Per this account, the unit was to consist of Poland’s “most experienced soldiers,” with notable imprecision as to where specifically those soldiers hailed from.

Then there’s the fact that shortly before the formation of the “Polish Volunteer Corps,” a cross-coalition bill was submitted to the Polish parliament which would make it legal for Polish nationals to fight in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

[If Russia retaliates, they’ll come to NATO and demand NATO retaliate. You’re looking at World War III here.]

The US media euphemistically calls them pro-Ukraine partisans.

“The ground war has come to Russia,” proclaimed one Polish state-backed media organ at the news that their soldiers had breached the border.

Tracey writes:

Meanwhile, these elite soldiers billed as “volunteers” have been razing Russian border settlements with U.S.-provided weaponry, according to the New York Times and Washington Post. The units “lobbed shells and missiles on residential areas,” the Times reported, and they appeared to be aiming their attacks at “no apparent military target.”

[Hitting civilians with no military target is an act of war. It’s terrorism.]

Systematic Government Deception

Ukraine is using US weapons and armored vehicles to attack Russia. Biden has promised we aren’t doing that or permitting that. The media keeps lying and Americans keep buying it.

“Systematic government deception” hasn’t moved the needle says Tracey, but let Donald Trump misstake the temperature outside by half-a-degree Farenheit and the entire U.S. media would be falling over themselves to piously accuse him of “lying”—but pile up mounds of incontrovertible evidence that Americans have been chronically deceived about a sprawling U.S. militaryintervention, and you’ll mostly get eye-rolls from the savvy-minded commentariat.

The article delves further into the deception, but you get the picture.




  1. Who broke the Crimean treaty? Who lied about the 150k troop contingent on the Russian border just being military exercises? Who lied again about the ‘peacekeeping’ exercise? and who lied about NATO expansion being a justification for starting an illegal oppressive war? You would have to be either really dumb or compromised to not see, that all Putin and Russia had to do to offset NATO expansion, was to not threaten, hack and murder its neighbors, and to treat them with the proper respect they deserve which would have contributed to having healthy and productive local and international relations. Sadly, the blatant lies and actions of this and other nations have undermined peace and stability across the whole world, and have led to the unnecessary deaths and misery of hundreds of thousands.

  2. Sounds more and more like the Ukraine is the new Spanish Civil was with two sides testing out the capabilities of the other.

    Will Putin dip into his purported trillions to reimburse Russia for the money wasted so far in the Ukraine. Don’t hold your breathe!!!


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