Emotional Moments After Donald Trump Is Booked & Leaves Miami


Former President Donald Trump was booked at the Miami courthouse and pleaded “not guilty” just after 3 p.m. There are reports he was barred from speaking to his co-defendant Walt Nauta. He had some emotional moments after he left the courthouse, including people praying for him.

Trump went to the Versailles restaurant in Miami minutes after leaving court. He posed for photos with staff and supporters and flashed thumbs up shortly after pleading not guilty on 37 federal counts.

“Food for everyone,” Trump shouted at one point.

Those in the building sang “happy birthday” to Trump, who will turn 77 on Wednesday.

Walt Nauta, a co-defendant in Trump’s documents case, was also at the restaurant.

Former President and 2024 candidate Donald Trump stopped into a Zesto West Columbia – an old-school ice cream and burger joint in South Carolina, where he met supporters and prayed with the staff.

From The Daily Mail:

As employees continue to prepare orders in the background of the video, Trump asks the female worker at the order window if she would recommend the food the restaurant serves.

The woman, who is also holding her phone up to record the interaction, asks if he would mind if she prays for him. He says, ‘Go ahead.’

The moment was captured and shared on Twitter hundreds over a million times.

Donald Trump is on his way to New Jersey for a fundraiser and then on to New Hampshire.

What Do You Think?

I do not know what the prosecution will come up with, but why should I believe anything they say? They lied about Donald Trump for seven years. The special counsel is very left-wing and is tied to the Democrat Party. The attorney general is a corrupt partisan who went after parents at board meetings upset over porn in the school library or rapes in girl’s school bathrooms by a fake transgender.

They won’t prosecute very guilty people like Hillary Clinton. And Joe and Hunter Biden? The media is NOT talking about Joe Biden’s corruption here in New York – not a word. The media has betrayed us.

Followers of Donald Trump are not cult members. We know he has faults and made mistakes, but please, tell me, who will fight the downfall of our country? Perhaps Ron DeSantis, but no one else.

We live in a radically-changed country. It might be too late to change our fate, and I believe we are headed into real crises, not the manufactured Democrat ones. Even if people can’t vote for Donald Trump, does anyone really think these prosecutions are legitimate after what has gone on for the past seven years?

It’s never too late, and we must never give up or give in.

He’s facing 400 years in prison for things far less serious than what Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden did.

What do you think?



  1. There are many people in USA that are quiet when they know things aren’t right. While DJT risks everything! He is risking his life, his children, his grandchildren as well as his fortune and some may say what do you mean?

    IF the left wins and we become completely censored and subjugated as in 1984, the Roman Empire or The Third Reich as an example. Trump and his family will be disposed of just like the Romanov Family (1918) which is what all despots do! Not only do they dispose of their enemies but also the traitors to their country that supported the Dictator.

  2. It breaks my heart.

    To see a man who even though is not without faults genuinely cares about his nation and its people, to see a man loved by so many people, loved by probably over 100 Million Americans be treated with such perverse cruelty by those criminals is horrifying.

    I am not a religious man ( not atheist, just agnostic) but when I saw the woman hold Trump’s hand and ask if she could say a prayer, I shed a tear.


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