Eric Holder’s “Confident” the Indictments Will Have “an Electoral Effect”


Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki that he is confident the current indictments against former President Donald Trump will have an “electoral effect” and prevent him from winning the election.

He also “hoped” that Donald Trump would be immediately impeached if re-elected. Holder wants you to know that he has decided he’s guilty.

Democrats are a threat to democracy.

“So Donald Trump was back on the campaign trail yesterday; he said he would stay in the race for president even if he is convicted in this case,” Psaki said. “I know there’s not a lot of precedent here, but when you consider that possibility, what concerns you the most?” she asked.

“Well, the notion that you could have a trial, defend it, be convicted, somehow win the election, be sworn in as president or whenever it happens; that seems inconsistent with our notion of fairness, of the rule of law,” Holder said. “At that point, I would hope that an impeachment proceeding might be considered, not only considered -brought, and ultimately he would be removed from office.”

“The notion that a convicted felon — a convicted felon — would serve as president of the United States is absurd; it’s simply absurd,” he continued.

“So if he is convicted, he’s still running; you think there should be impeachment hearings, impeachment proceedings in Congress, and that could be a step they could take there?” the current president’s former press secretary followed up.

“Yeah, I mean, that’s assuming that he’s convicted, and that’s assuming he wins the election,” Holder replied.


Holder believes the Manhattan indictment, the federal indictment, and the upcoming one in Georgia will have enough of an “electoral effect” to defeat Trump at the ballot box.

“I think that people have underestimated the impact of this indictment, the one in Manhattan, the two others that I expect; one in Georgia, the January 6 one that I suspect will likely be placed in Washington D.C.,” Holder said.

“Ya know I’m not a political pundit, but I think at some point, you certainly won’t get beyond, ya know, the Trump cult base; but for people who are on the fringes of that, on the outside of that, are likely to be negatively impacted by all of these cases brought against the former president,” he continued. “And I think that will have some electoral effect.”

“And so the likelihood that he will be able to survive this and win a general election, I think, is pretty small.”

It’s always been about influencing the election. Whether you like Donald Trump or not. This is not democratic; we are no longer a Republic with Democrats in charge. If they win the next election, they will have a permanent electoral majority in perpetuity. They will have their Marxist state.



  1. Eric Holder is such an imbecile

    the goal of this is to affect elections, everything they have done to Trump since 2016 is to affect elections

    Holder is not only an imbecile, he is a criminal imbecile.

  2. Hahaha! I can smell the fear seeping from his sweat glands. These indictments will seal Trump’s nomination and overwhelming election to a second term and one of th prniciple targets will be Mr. Holder. There’s a special cell at Florence reserved for him right next to Biden and Obama.


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