Everyone’s In On the Joke as Sleepy Joe Bumbles Along


Everyone in the world is in on the joke perpetrated on the US, and they seem to enjoy it. As we can see from Biden’s recent European tour, they all know he is mentally unfit. It certainly has its advantages for them: they can get Biden to agree to anything and give them almost anything.

The joke is on the American people. Biden is the bumbling joke.

During the Vilnius NATO Summit, Biden promised Ukraine “Israel-like” protection. Even though they aren’t in NATO or a 51st state, they will get all our munitions and money we have to borrow. Coincidentally, Ukraine serves as the money launderers for the rich and famous.

Biden is sending US munitions and tax dollars to keep Ukraine afloat, and very little is coming from Europe. Many of the NATO members do not pay their share required for defense. Now, we have two more nations who won’t contribute much and can’t defend themselves – Sweden and Finland.

In this first clip, Joe Biden calls Volodymyr Zelensky Vladimir as in Vladimir Putin. Uncle Joe senses something is wrong, so he recoups by calling him Mr. Zelensky, excusing himself by saying he shouldn’t be so familiar. He thinks you won’t notice. Certainly, the media won’t.

Volodymyr had to guide him off stage after the photo shoot.

Confused, dazed, and unable to walk around on his own, he was escorted everywhere, often physically.

“My signature? Just my signature?” Biden asks as Nausėda instructs him. He also lowered himself into the chair as if he were ancient. He is a very old 81.

Nausėda even had to instruct Joe how to stand on the red carpet as though he was instructing a child.

Biden made an inane joke in this next clip. We’d expect nothing else.

You likely have all heard about his joke in the meeting with Turkish President Erdogan. He said he looks forward to working with him for the next five years. Did we extend the term for the presidency? In any case, he is awfully confident that he will win.

To get another dependent nation into NATO – Sweden – he had to promise Turkey F-16s. Erdogan will use them to attack our Kurdish allies.

Sleepy couldn’t remember Erdogan’s name but had a cheat sheet with the Turkish President’s name.

He welcomed Erdogan as if he was a new member, although Turkey’s been a member for decades.

Biden went to the beach instead of the NATO dinner because his staff said he worked for four days straight.
Here he is two days before the dinner.

Truth is that Biden skipped the dinner because he hardly works.

Mr. Biden was a blank in England as well.

Two who should retire.

He’s unpopular in London, although the media in the US pretends he’s very popular in Europe.

When he met with Mr. Sunak, he had his cheat sheet handy.




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