Evil Clown World: Biden Opens all the Border Gates in Arizona


The Biden administration opened 114 gates into Arizona allegedly to allow elk – the pronghorn – to migrate. Thousands of unvetted illegal aliens are pouring through the gates along with a small number of elk. If I were a conspiratorial type, I would say the administration opened the gates to let the unvetted illegal aliens come through, and they are spitting in our eyes. We now support these anonymous people and are funding our own demise, I’d say. But I’m not conspiratorial. Biden clearly cares deeply about elk.

The funny thing about the elk. They know how to walk around fences and wander elsewhere.

I spoke to someone in Arizona last night, and he told me that illegal aliens are everywhere, committing crimes and taking over. He will have to shut down his pharmacy. Because of the crime, he can’t get insurance. That’s just one person. Imagine how the rest of Arizona suffers under Katie Hobbs’s leadership and Joe Biden’s anti-American rules.

This is as the Biden administration sells border wall parts for pennies on the dollar and sues Governor Abbott for his buoy system that helps keep illegals out.

Two dead migrants’ bodies floated down the river, and the buoys stopped the bodies. Biden’s administration is falsely claiming the buoys killed them. There is no end to the criminality of the Biden administration.




  1. Can all media pls replace the Biden name with that of Ohomo? Both for ruinous policies and that supposed criminal investigation?

  2. “Two dead migrants’ bodies floated down the river, and the buoys stopped the bodies. Biden’s administration is falsely claiming the buoys killed them.”

    Meanwhile 250 illegals have died in border crossing attempts. Which policy is more humane, Bidens or Abbott’s?

  3. I feel like a broken record but…

    but all those things Democrats are doing that harm the American people, from flooding the USA with illegals and criminals, getting rid of petrol reserves, stealing elections, throwing in jail those who are not happy elections are rigged, persecuting Trump, and so on and so forth…

    all those very evil hostile things are eventually going to cause angry protests…that will turn into civil disobedience…that will degenerate into civil war.

    Once about 90 million people realize their votes are not counted, and realize voting has no effect on things, they will revolt.

  4. I read those gates are now welded open. So, they cannot be closed again.

    The election coup of 2020 assured the destruction of the USA. During that 2 month period, Americans greatly underestimated the damage underway and watched as the crooks took firm control over the nation.

    Biden is going to do any act he can get away with, to please the elites, who will then steal the election for him again. The GOP says little and does nothing, indicating complicity.

    The case for McCarthy being complicit is obvious.


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